Ways a USCIS RFE Response Lawyer Helps (Even If You’re Denied)

USCIS RFE Response Lawyer

Are you reading an RFE response and aren’t sure what to do next? Or, did you already respond to yours, find that you’re denied, and don’t know what to do next? It can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to have your RFE denied. Moreover, it can be disorienting to receive one. The first thing to do, when you receive an RFE (or a NOID) is to stay calm. The second step is to reach out to an experienced USCIS RFE response lawyer. We can help in many ways. 

Best Response 

Remember: when you get an RFE, it’s just a request. It is not a denial. The “R” stands for “request,” not “rejection.” All it means is that the USCIS wants more evidence. Hopefully, yours is a simple case. Perhaps they just want a more easily procurable document: your passport, degree, birth certificate, etc. Unfortunately, an RFE may also be very complicated. If so, we can help. We’ve walked many folks through some of the most complicated RFEs and can do the same for you. 

Options if You’re Rejected 

Alas, sometimes, despite the best efforts of all involved, an RFE (or a NOID) is rejected by the USCIS. Just as when you first received the RFE, the first course of action is to not panic. Depending on what you applied for, you may be able to appeal the decision with the Administrative Appeals Office or “AAO.” We can help you to put together such a case. This rejection could be a smaller matter than you might think. For example, it could be that there were some small errors with the form that can be fixed through simple refiling. Many times, we’ve looked over a client’s form, fixed the small errors, and helped them to sail through. 

The Right Options for Your Needs 

Another potential option: you could reopen your case by making a legal motion. When is this the best course of action? Usually, if some new evidence came to light that could potentially change the evaluating officer’s mind. That said, we’ve also filed a legal motion to reopen cases if we strongly believe that you shouldn’t have been rejected and that it was incorrect. We have been able to turn things around for our clients in those circumstances. 

USCIS RFE Response Lawyer

More Ways to Immigrate from a USCIS RFE Response Lawyer 

Sometimes, after having an RFE or NOID denied, we’ve sat down with our clients and they’ve realized that they should have filed for an entirely different visa. This often happens if the client has worked with an immigration attorney before us. In those circumstances, we do everything in our power to help them to apply for the right visa for their needs. For a free consultation with our lawyers, you can message us through our site or call us at (855) 997-4525

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