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Saurab and Chandani are partners in every sense of the word. Once married, they founded the Rijal Law Firm in 2014 with the singular goal of helping people get through the immigration process successfully. Since then, they’ve established an impressive track record and a culture of client comfort at Rijal Law. Not only will they bring you the immigration status you need, but they’ll make you feel relaxed and welcome during the process.

Based in Southern California, they represent clients in all 50 states and around the world. Both partners speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Nepali fluently and are sensitive to the different customs that make our world unique and diverse.
Having worked with individuals and corporate clients in a multitude of industries in the United States, India, Nepal, the UK, and more, both Saurab and Chandani are able to navigate local regulations at home and in foreign countries. Immigration processes can be stressful for the petitioner, so they make it their policy to never be anything short of ethical, professional, and transparent.
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Chandani Patel Rijal, Esq.

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Saurab Rijal, ESQ.

Founding Partner

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