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Corporations / Employees

If you have been the victim of a crime while in the United States, and your immigration status is due to expire or has already expired, you may consider applying for a specialized type of visa called a U-Visa. The most common crime covered by the U-Visa is human trafficking, which takes many different forms. Many migrants and nonimmigrant individuals are subjected to physical abuse or dehumanizing treatment in the US by their spouse, extended family, employers, or others. Too often such victims suffer in silence because of the risk for removal.

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Attorneys at Rijal Law Firm are committed to helping foreign national and nonimmigrant residents who have been victimized by violence escape the abuse and pursue justice through the U-Visa program.

VAWA For Immigrants Subjected To Domestic Violence

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) applies to both women and men who are subjected to physical violence or extreme emotional abuse by a spouse or parent who is a legal permanent resident or a US citizen.

U Visa

The U-Visa is a temporary visa that lasts four years, available to individuals who are the victims of certain qualifying crimes. The U-Visa offers a stay of deportation for victims of certain crimes or immigrants who promise to assist the law enforcement agencies of the US in prosecutions of those crimes. Children, spouses, and partners may also qualify for a U-Visa. The applicant must have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse due to criminal activity in at least one of the following categories: torture, rape, trafficking, domestic violence, incest, sexual assault, slave trade, false imprisonment, blackmail, murder, or kidnapping.

T Visa

The T visa is available to people who have been a victim of trafficking and who are willing to comply with the investigation of trafficking or the related crime. The T visa allows an individual to work and live in the U.S. The spouse, children, and family members of a T visa holder can also apply for status on that basis.

S Visa

The S-Visa is a nonimmigrant class of status that allows informants or witnesses to assist law enforcement agencies while providing information about criminal organizations. This is a temporary visa, created for people who would have previously been ruled inadmissible under US statute. This type of visa is generally reserved for witnesses that are able to provide significant, actionable information about organized criminal or terrorist activity. 

Attorneys at Rijal Law Firm can help those who have been victims of crime or violence. We will analyze and assess your situation in terms of the USCIS criteria for eligibility. Our attorneys can ensure that the corrects forms are filed and that the necessary documentation is provided when filing for consideration. We have experience in coordinating with mental health professionals and law enforcement in order to obtain the evidence that will help prove the case.


Contact our law office today if you or someone you know is a victim of crime or has been suffering in silence. We will schedule a consultation with a qualified attorney and make your case our highest priority.

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