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M1 Visa
The M1 Visa is a student visa used by international students to study a vocational course or to receive technical education at a recognized educational institution or technical college in the United States.
Lawyers for Student Visa
As with F1 Visa, M1 Visa holders need to show adequate financial support as the students have to bear expenses of their tuition, boarding, lodging as well as living expenses. In addition to financial support, M1 students need to show that they are maintaining ties back to their home country, and that they intend to return to their country once their education and relevant work experience is complete.
M1 Work Authorization
M1 Visa authorizes international students for restricted work authorization in the United States while they are still studying, with exemptions allowed for jobs that are on the campus, full-time during breaks, and part-time when the schools are open. The job in question must be relevant to a practical training course, which should be related to their education, and usually only once the course is finished. It is also essential to note that M1 students are expected to pay their full tuition fee before school starts.

M2 for Dependents
Dependent family members (spouse and children under the age of 21 years) are eligible to follow their family member who holds a valid M1 Visa. M2 Visa holders (as the derivative beneficiaries are known) are not eligible to get work authorization, although they can also apply for their independent status, including F1 status, to get into a full-time school, or apply for an H1-B to be able to get a full-time job.

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