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Inside Story: U.S. Immigration in Dallas, Texas

CSPA Lawyer

A CSPA Lawyer Who Can Help

Are you concerned that you or someone you love will turn 21 before the USCIS/DOS approves the appropriate green card applications? Have you heard about a “CSPA age” and want to know whether or not you or someone you love is eligible? A CSPA lawyer from the Rijal Law Firm ...
U Visa Bona Fide Determination

U Visa Bona Fide Determination: The Benefits and What to Keep in Mind

Were you a survivor of a crime in the United States and considering applying for a U Visa? Are you unclear as to whether or not this is the right path for you? If you answered “yes” to those questions, there are multiple benefits to applying for a U Visa. ...
Green Card Through Spouse

Green Card Through Spouse: Preparing for the Interview

Have you been hoping to acquire a green card through your spouse? Do you want to be as prepared as possible throughout the process? That’s what we can do here at the Rijal Law Firm. We can, quite literally, be by your side every step of the way. One part ...
National Interest Waiver Lawyer

Why a National Interest Waiver Lawyer is In Your Best Interest

Do you want to obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States but don’t have an employer as a sponsor? Are you engaged in work that benefits the national interest of the United States? If so, we may be able to help. A National Interest Waiver lawyer from the Rijal ...
Immigration Law Firm in Dallas

Immigration Law Firm in Dallas to Help You Navigate USCIS Changes

Are you looking to immigrate to the United States on a temporary work visa? Do you want to give yourself the best chance of success? That’s exactly what we do for clients at our immigration law firm in Dallas. The Rijal Law Firm was founded by immigrants, so we know ...
TPS Renewal

TPS Renewal Lawyer to Guide You Through the Process

Are you looking to maintain your TPS status? Or, would you like to apply for Temporary Protected Status but want to give yourself the best chance at success? That’s what we do for our clients here at the Rijal Law Firm. We’ve helped so many over the years to not ...
Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer

Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer to Help You Live in the US With Your Love

Have you fallen in love with someone from a foreign country and you want to bring them to the US? There is nothing in this world like meeting the one person that’s meant for you, no matter where you meet them. A marriage-based green card lawyer from our firm can ...
NOID Notice of Intent to Deny

NOID Notice of Intent to Deny: What You Need to Know

Did you receive a NOID Notice of Intent to Deny and aren’t sure what to do next? Are you feeling frustrated, confused, or maybe even a bit frantic? That’s understandable. No one wants to receive one of these, certainly. However, it’s not an outright denial. It’s just a request for ...
F1 Visa Reinstatement Lawyer

Methods an F1 Visa Reinstatement Lawyer Uses to State Your Case

Have you been looking to reinstate your F1 student visa but aren’t sure about who to turn to? Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we have helped many international students to be able to study in America. Moreover, we’ve also been able to help them to maintain their status as ...
National Interest Waiver Lawyer

Ways a National Interest Waiver Lawyer Protects Your Interests

Are you interested in obtaining a lawful United States permanent residence but don’t have an employer as a sponsor? If so, then you very well may qualify for a National Interest Waiver. That said, securing an NIW is no small feat—it can be complicated. We can help. At our firm, ...

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