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RFE Request for Evidence

What Should I Do if I Receive an RFE Request for Evidence?

Did you or someone you love recently receive an RFE Request for Evidence? Are you unclear on what exactly it is that you should do next? That makes all the sense in the world. It can be very frustrating to receive one of these because it can feel as if …

get a green card through your spouse

How Long Does it Take to Get a Green Card Through Spouse?

Are you married to someone in the United States and want to immigrate there? Do you want to get a green card through your spouse? It is possible. We can help. But, unfortunately, it can’t happen overnight. No matter your situation, it can be a lengthy process. However, here at …

fiance visa lawyer

Fiance Visa vs Marriage Visa: Which One is Faster?

Have you and your beloved been making plans and want to figure out the quickest, fastest way to be together? Has it come down to whether or not to get a fiance visa or a marriage visa? If so, we can help to guide you. Our pro marriage and fiance …

U Visa Bona Fide Determination

A Guide on the U Visa Bona Fide Determination Process

Did you witness a crime and have information that could help law enforcement to find who’s responsible? Then you very well may be eligible for “U nonimmigrant visa status.” Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we’ve helped many who were in the exact position that you are right now: either …

Noid Notice of Intent to Deny

I Received a Noid Notice of Intent to Deny: What Can I Do?

Did you or someone you love recently receive a “Noid” (Notice of Intent to Deny)? If so, are you unsure what to do next? We understand that this can be a challenging time. It is perfectly understandable that you’re frustrated, stressed, and even scared. However, it can be fixed. It’s …

Hindi Speaking Immigration Lawyer Near Me

What Are My Legal Options to Migrate from India to the US?

Are you looking to immigrate from India to the United States? Does the process seem challenging or even confusing? We’re here to help. At Rijal Law Firm, we know how difficult it can be to immigrate to the United States. We’ve worked with many immigrants over the years, helping them …


Who Qualifies for DACA? a Mid-2022 Overview

Have you been wondering whether or not you qualify for DACA? Does it seem as if the qualifications for who does and does not qualify are overly complex? That’s perfectly understandable. The qualification requirements change often, which can make it challenging for even the most diligent to stay on top. …


New DACA Online Renewal: All You Need to Know

Do you feel like it’s time to renew DACA but you aren’t sure how? Do you remember the initial filing and don’t want to go through all of that again? The good news is that now DACA online renewal is available. So, you’ll be able to renew online, without having …

EB-1 Visa Lawyer Dallas

EB1 Visa: The Most Difficult & The Most Flexible to Obtain

Because the requirements for job holders of an EB-1 visa are more demanding, it is easier to get this visa. If you speak to an EB-1 visa lawyer Dallas immigration specialist, he or she will further clarify how to obtain employment-based visas – from EB-1 to EB-5.  Why You Need …

Immigration Law Firm in Dallas

How Can You Convert an EB-3 Visa into a Green Card?

Your EB-3 visa allows you to work in the US for 10 years without interruption, but not as a permanent resident. To receive permanent resident status, or to get a green card, you need your employer’s sponsorship. You might also consider getting a marriage green card if your spouse is …

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