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With years of proven experience and commitment we have garnered a reputation of a high success rate with our clients immigration problems. Our attorneys at Rijal Law believe that protecting your immigration rights is essential and we don’t take any case lightly. With proven results among our past cases you can rest assured that you are in the best hands possible. If you are in need of an immigration attorney do not wait, contact us today!

“College Graduate Turned Permanent Resident (Working from Home)”
We had a student that graduated with an accounting degree, and had with 1 year OPT. She received an job offer as a staff accountant, working from home. We got her H-1B, PERM labor certification, I-140, and I-485 approved, without any issues, even though it was a telecommuting position. She now is a permanent resident.
“Robbery Victim Held at Gunpoint Gets U Visa & Work permit”

There was a gunpoint robbery that occurred and the victim called the police and filed a report, she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), she would not even be able to sleep or stay alone. We filled her U visa application on January 19, 2016, for her and her family in India. She received her prima facie U visa approval and deferred action work permit in July 23, 2016. She received her work permit in 6 months, when others who applied around same time as her did not receive their approval till 2020.

“India Company gets 10 P3 Entertainment Visas for Staff"
A dance company hires professional dancers from India and files P3 Entertainer visa for them to come to U.S. and teach various kinds of Indian dance to kids, like Bollywood dance, kathak, bharatanatyam and etc.; We file around 10 visas/renewals every year, and each petition has been approved.
“Friend of Family get Residency in United States as a Local Restaurant Chef”
We had a Beneficiary that was a Chef who came to the U.S. as a student and studied, he stayed with the Petitioner, whom was the Beneficiary’s parent’s family friend. The Petitioner was in need of a Chef for his restaurant, so he sponsored the Beneficiary. We received the labor certification, but had lots of issues during the I-140 stage, because the Beneficiary was not working there at that time and due to a hurricane the restaurant was not making money, they only showed $1,875 income in their tax returns. So there was the issue of bona fide job opportunity and ability to pay the Beneficiary salary of $57,000 a year. We gathered bunch of evidence to show it was bona fide job opportunity, even though the Beneficiary lived with Petitioner and was familiar with each other. Additionally, we used the restaurants partners personal assets and financial statements to prove they had the ability to still pay the Beneficiary. We got that case approved, now the Beneficiary and his wife are permanent residents.
“Students gets upgraded to permanent resident with Rijal Law Firm’s Help”
We got the PERM labor certification and I-140 approved for a financial analyst. Then during the I-485 stage we received an RFE for maintenance of status because the Beneficiary had more then 180 days out of status. He was in student status and then we researched, added case laws, and argued using his F-1 grace period and the time period he waited for reinstatement as lawful status. We were able to get it approved and now he is a permanent resident
“Ex-Wife avoids depending on cheating husband and gets work permit”
Our client was dating a guy who said he was divorced, but lied and was still married to his first wife. Subsequently, they got legally married, while he was still married. Later he would physically, emotionally and verbally abuse her and come and go as he pleased. Then we filed VAWA as a victim of domestic violence and it was approved, now she has a work permit.
“Pregnant (out-of-status) Mother in eyebrow shop gets work permit after abuse”
Our client was pregnant and working in a beauty shop, threading eyebrows. She did not drive and her husband would be at work, so her employer would drop her off home. When driving her home, he would try to touch her in inappropriately and try to kiss her, and etc. When she would threaten to call the police, he would threaten her that she is out of status and he will have her deported. Then she got courage and filled a police complaint and called our law firm to help her file her U visa application. We filled for her and she received a prima facie U visa approval and deferred action work permit for her and her husband.
“Pregnant (out-of-status) Mother in eyebrow shop gets work permit after abuse”
Recently, we filed a new H-1B petition for a Software Developer in a consultancy company, during the Trump administration. The position required bachelors in computer science, information, technology, or related, and 2 year experience as software developer. The position was for a 1-year project, with possible extensions. We received an RFE based on specialty occupation, degree not being the normal minimum requirement, degree is common to the industry; position is so complex or unique; employer normally requires degree or its equivalent; nature of specific duties is so specialized and complex; employer employee right to control issue; and services in a specialty occupation at third party off-site employment. Our firm gather expert opinion letters, did case law research, got letters from professionals, and etc. We received an approval, now he is on H-1B status.
“After being out-of-status for 2 years client gets case approved by USCIS”
This client approached us feeling absolutely depressed that he had been out of status for over 2 years being unable to continue his studies and therefore unable to maintain his F1 status. Disappointed that he was not able to maintain his F1 legal status in US he implored us to show him some light. He was beyond his 5 months period allowed for reinstatement application. We worked extremely hard with the client and were able to show exceptional circumstances allowing him to file for reinstatement beyond the 5 months period. Client had very little supporting documentation but with a very convincing affidavit and help of therapy we were able to get his case approved by USCIS. He still sends us a thank you card every Christmas.
“Husband remains with family after getting scary (Request for Evidence) letter”

We had a really complicated family based application where client came to US but failed to mention his biological child and his mother on his mother in his EDV application. He was wrongfully advised and scammed by the local “so-called” consultants in his home country. USCIS slapped his with a scary RFE (Request For Evidence) and client came to retain us. With a potential misrepresentation issue and clients own permanent residence in jeopardy client was desperate for help. With the help of multiple affidavits along with primary and secondary evidence we were able to his case approved. Client was extremely happy being able to unite with his family.

“Iranian Wife and Husband Secure citizenship for child directly from the U.S. Embassy”
Yet another complicated issue where client was USC but lived abroad for a very long time. His spouse was born in Iran but lived in India with the client. Additionally, client didn’t have enough finances to support his wife in US. With a complicated domicile and intent issue at hand we were able to strategize clients case in a manner where client was able to reestablish his domicile and able to procure proper support to sponsor his wife. We also guided the spouse of our client in obtaining Police clearance, which was difficult since she was born in a different country. We guided the client to procure citizenship for our client’s child directly from the embassy and got his spouse’s visa approved so that they could reestablish their life in US.
“Father brings his child to USA”
Client came to us wanting to sponsor his biological child. Child was born out of wedlock and did not have enough proof of relationship. Child was never mentioned in any of his previous applications. Even after the DNA test client’s case looked subpar at best and need our help bringing his child in US. Client’s speaking skills were minimal so we guided him throughout the process, helping with affidavits and gather supporting docs. We were able to his case approved.
“Chemical Physicist gets Green Card Approved for his entire family without an interview!”
Our client came to the US on a J-1 visa with a 2-year home residency requirement. After completing his PhD as a Chemical Physicist he started his
post doc in USA. After he retained our firm, we prepared and filed a waiver request through a No Objection Statement (NOS) from the Embassy. Our
office contacted the Embassy to make sure we had all the requirements needed for their office to issue a no objection statement. The Embassy requested numerous documents including a statement of reason for the waiver. Then J-1 Waiver (Form DS-3035) Application was filed to the Department of State. We also sent a request to the Embassy to issue a No Objection Statement and recommend this waiver based on the fact that our client would have been eligible to file I-140 NIW based adjustment of status application but for the waiver. The Embassy eventually issued a No Objection Statement for our client, and sent this letter to the State Department’s Waiver Review Division. The Waiver Review Division issued a favorable recommendation based on the No Objection statement and sent us an Approval Notice. We filed out clients NIW I140 and I485 concurrently with USCIS. Altogether, the USCIS found the evidence convincing and decided this client was deserving of receiving a national interest waiver. USCIS approved his I-140 in about 4 months and subsequently approved Green Card for his whole family without a need for an interview.
“EB1 approved in 7 days!”
Our Client came to the US in a visitor visa and came to us inquiring about hisi mmigration options. We reviewed his credentials and advised him that he would qualify for EB1 based green card. Client is well regarded in his home country and is internationally recognized as a director, being involved in several international contests as well as being lead contributor in his field. Client was not only one of the ambassadors of his field but has also won international recognition for his films. Client’s extraordinary ability was based on the length of his career and the diversity of his projects, which has garnered much acclaim in both his home and foreign markets. We were able to premium process his case and got it approved in 7 days.
“Rijal Law Firm Client gets green card for himself and family”
Client was a graduate student in US who had primarily dedicated his life on promoting his religion around the world by means of his sermons and publications. He had studied his faith from the experts of religious Gurus who had the authority over the scriptures of his new faith. He also used his religious forum to opine his political views where he called for harmony and religious freedom. He wanted everyone to be able to practice their beliefs without any fear and practice the faith of their choice. He was persecuted for these political and religious beliefs by political fundamentalists and religious extremists. We filed his Application for Political/Religious Asylum with USCIS and were able to successfully secure an approval. We eventually filed his green card for him and his family and got it approved as well.
“Political Activist avoids lengthy jail time with Deportation Defense "
Client was political activist in his home country. He was persecuted for his belief and was forced to escape from his motherland. It took clients 87 days to travel through different countries and finally arrived to US. He was caught while crossing the border and was placed in detention. Client contacted us to secure our services regarding his deportation matter. We were able to contact client’s family member and secure a sponsor for his Bond and we were able to represent client for his bond hearing/deportation hearing.
“California man gets green card after troubled past”
Our Client had been out of status for many years so he was forced to live away from his family and away from any sort of support system in his life. Clients approached his inquiring if he any options remaining in his immigration matter as being away from his family has left him suicidal. Client was a victim of Aggravated Robbery. Client had suffered for many years being a victim of such heinous crime. We took the time to properly evaluate his immigration his and advised him that he has a strong case of U visa based green card. We promptly contacted the district Attorney office and procured his Supplement B certification for U visa. We had a psychiatric evaluation done for our client and filed his U visa with proper declaration and affidavits. We included his derivatives in his application as his wife and kids were in his home country. Since we highlighted his suicidal state and how his family support could immensely help him his derivative U2 visa interviews were scheduled within 3 months and within a month after the interview his family arrived in US in U2 status. Client and his family were extremely happy to be approved within such a short period of time even when the normal processing time was north of 57.5 months. Client’s mental state has substantially improved and he his currently happily living with his family in CA.
“Man cries tears of joy, after getting green card before his child’s birth.”
Client was a TPS holder and has been living in the US for many years. He had gone to many other attorneys and had been wrongfully advised that he had no immigration options. Finally, he arrived to our office with his wife who was expecting a child at that time. We took the time to listen to our client and especially with his complicated criminal history client was very worried that he did not have any options left. We properly evaluated his immigration case and being well versed in TPS law, we were able to advise him on his green card filing options. Client went with it and we were successfully able to procure approval for both his I130 and his I485. Client brought us a box of sweets after he received his green card and had tears full of joy.

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