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Business Visa B1
US business visa B1 is a temporary business visa granted to the citizens of foreign countries who wish to come to the US for business purposes. If you would like to travel to the US for a specific time for business-related purposes that don’t require actual labor work or payment from the US government, you can easily apply for a business visa with the help of a professional business B1 attorney.
Family Based Immigrant Visas
The business visa B1 is limited to people who want to:

1. If you want to consult with business associates.
2. If you want to attend a business convention or some conference
3. If you want to participate in short-term training
4. If you want to settle an estate
5. If you want to negotiate a contract

A business visa is meant for business-related purposes only. You can’t get involved in work or study on a B1 visa. All business visa applicants need to appear for an interview at the US consulate before a business visa is granted.
Who qualifies for a business B1 visa?
You must meet all the below-mentioned criteria to get the business visa B1:

1. Your purpose of the trip is to enter the US for legitimate business
2. You intend to stay only for a specific time period
3. You have funds to cover the expense of the trip
4. You have a residence in your native country and have no intention of abandoning it
5. You have strong economic and social ties abroad

At the entry port of the US, the immigration official will authorize your entry to the US. If you are eligible for admission you might be admitted for a period of time necessary to carry out your business activities. The maximum time period allowed is of one year. If you intend to stay beyond the time mentioned on Form I-94 without leaving the US, file Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. You also need to submit the supporting documents to USCIS.

Application process
If you are looking for a Business visa B1 refer to the application process:

1. You need to complete the online visa application Form DS-160 online. You should print the application and carry it at the time of the interview.
2. You need to upload a color photograph while submitting Form DS-160. The size of the head in the picture should be between 50-69% of the image’s total height from the bottom of the chin. The photo needs to be taken in front of a plain white background and should be taken within the last six months of the current appearance
3. You need to schedule an interview at the US Consulate in your native country. The waiting period for a visa interview varies by location, visa category, and season. It is recommended to apply for the visa early.
4. You need to pay the non-refundable visa application fee.
5. You need to gather all the necessary documents before your visa interview. Some of the documents you should carry are:

Valid passport to travel to the US
Form DS-160, Nonimmigrant Visa Application confirmation page
The payment receipt of the application fee
Carry extra photographs that you earlier uploaded with the form
Documents that support the purpose of the trip. Evidence of your employment is crucial for business visa B1
The intent to leave the US after the trip ends by providing documents of your family ties and property in the native country
The proof that you are capable of paying all the costs of the trip

6. You need to attend your visa interview at the US consulate as only after the visa interview the consular officer determines whether you are eligible for the visa or not.

Family of B1 visa holders
The children and spouse of business B1 visa holders are not eligible for the dependent visa. Each of the dependents that follow to join you need to separately apply for the B2 visa and need to follow the regulations for that visa category. The B2 visa is necessary if the reason for travel is recreational, visiting family and friends or tourism. To get the B2 visa hassle free you need to have a passport valid for six months or beyond your stay period in the US and have already made travel arrangements.

To make the process of getting business visa B1 hassle free and quick it is suggested to hire an experienced immigration attorney who can help you complete the form, put your documents in order and help you prepare for the interview.

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