TPS Renewal: Your Questions Answered and How We Can Help

TPS Renewal

Are you worried that your TPS renewal deadline is arriving soon and you aren’t sure what to do? Do you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity at a successful renewal? Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we have been able to help so many over the years with exactly that. Our team has helped many to both successfully file for TPS as well as to renew it. 

Why is TPS Renewal So Important? 

Simply put, if you don’t renew your TPS then you very much run the risk of having your TPS withdrawn. In that case, you would no longer be eligible for TPS and thus may face deportation and other unfavorable circumstances.

The TPS process, even if you’ve successfully registered for it in the past, can be complicated. By working with experienced attorneys, you give yourself the best possible chance of success, regardless of your specific situation. 

What Documentation Will I Need to File to Renew My TPS? 

Each person’s situation is different. That said, when we work with a client to renew their TPS, the documentation that we recommend they gather (and help them to gather) is often similar. For example, it most likely will consist of your passport from a TPS-designated country, a passport from a TPS-designated country, or any national identity document from a TPS-designated country that contains your fingerprint, photo, or the like. 

In many cases, we’ve helped a client to renew their TPS with just one of the above documents. However, if you were to have more than just one of those, that could help your case. During a free case evaluation, we’ll let you know exactly what we can do and how we can help. 

Why Should I Consult a TPS Attorney? 

Immigration can be complex even if you’ve already gone through the TPS process before. For example, some TPS recipients left the country without permission from the government and hope to re-up their TPS status. Doing so without consulting with experienced attorneys could put them at risk of deportation proceedings and so forth. 

We don’t say that to scare you. Rather, it’s to highlight just how important it is to work with someone who has experience with TPS. At the Rijal Law Firm, many of the members of our staff are immigrants. We know what you’re going through because we’ve quite literally been there before. So, we treat our clients the way we would have liked to have been treated ourselves. 

TPS Renewal

More Than Helping With TPS 

Over the years, we’ve been able to help so many through the TPS program to be able to immigrate how they want to to the United States. That said, TPS is far from the only way that we can help you to immigrate. TPS may be the right fit for you or, alternatively, another method may better fit your situation. 

To schedule a free case evaluation with our pros to see how we can help, complete the form at our site or call. 

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