TPS Immigration Lawyer to Help You Through the Entire Process

TPS Immigration Lawyer

Have you considered applying for TPS but aren’t sure if it’s the right decision for you? Or, alternatively, is it almost time for you to re-register for TPS and want to make sure it’s done right? At Rijal Law Firm, we have helped those from so many different countries to stay in the US and avoid returning to dangerous situations in foreign countries. A TPS immigration lawyer from the Rijal Law Firm can help you and yours through every step of the process. 

Recently Extended TPS Designations 

TPS designation is often in flux. For example, within the last month of this writing, multiple TPS designations were extended by the DHS. Specifically, the TPS designations that were extended include Nicaragua (through 7/5/25), Honduras (through 7/5/25 as well), in addition to El Salvador (through 3/9/25), and Nepal (through 6/24/25). Many other countries are currently designated for TPS. If your country is on the list, we very well may be able to help you. 

What Do You Need to Qualify for TPS? 

You’ll need Form I-821 (Application for Temporary Protected Status) as well as nationality/identity evidence proving you’re a citizen of a TPS-designated country. You’ll also need evidence of your date of entry which proves that, the last time you entered the United States, you were inspected correctly as well as evidence proving you have had continuous residence in America since the TPS designation date of your country. As you might imagine from having read that, that can become quite complicated quickly. We can guide you through this process, not just by helping you to organize the documentation but also by making the best case on your behalf.

What is the Process of TPS Renewal? 

There is a somewhat narrow window within which you can re-register for TPS. If you wish to extend your status, you can re-register during a 60-day re-registered period for your specific country. However, each country has a different period. To use the examples listed above, if you’re re-registering for Nepal, the 60-day re-registration period is from October 24, 2023, through December 23rd of 2023. By that same token, for El Salvador, it’s from July 12th, 2023 through September 10th. A professional from the Rijal Law Firm can help you to get all of your paperwork and petitions in on time. 

TPS Immigration Lawyer

Can a TPS Immigration Lawyer Help if I File for TPS Late? 

Yes. Even if you file for an initial TPS application late, you may still qualify. However, this process can be even more complicated, making it all the more potentially beneficial to work with an experienced attorney. We can help you to determine not just eligibility but to also determine which would be the best immigration path for your particular situation. To see how we can help you and yours with your immigration, schedule a free case evaluation with us through our site or by giving us a call. 

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