TPS Immigration Lawyer on DHS TPS Re-registration Extensions

TPS Immigration Lawyer

Have you applied for TPS and are wondering how long that’s valid for?  Are you concerned about when you can re-register for TPS? A TPS immigration lawyer from the Rijal Law Firm can help. For years, we’ve helped those who are unsafe in their home countries or even fear prosecution to be able to safely stay in the United States. Recently, the Department of Homeland Security extended re-registration TPS periods for multiple countries. 

Which Countries are Affected 

In a press release from September 8th entitled “DHS Extends TPS Re-Registration Periods for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan to  18 Months” the Department of Homeland Security extended those re-registration periods. So, each of those countries mentioned has a new re-registration deadline. To wit, El Salvador’s is March 9th, 2025, while Haiti’s is August 3rd, 2024, the deadline for Honduras is July 5, 2025, Nepal’s is now June 24, 2025, Sudan’s is April 19, 2025, and the deadline for Nicaragua is July 5, 2025, respectively. 

When This Means 

Specifically, with this, TPS beneficiaries will be able to submit, at any time during those 18-month extensions, Forms I-821 and I-765 (“Application for Temporary Protected Status” and “Application for Employment Authorization”) respectively. Moreover, there are TPS beneficiaries who may continue to re-register after certain dates. Those dates are, for those under the “Sudan” designation: October 20th, 2023, for those under the “Haiti” designation March 27th, 2023, and for those under the “El Salvador” designation September 10th, 2023. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

What it Does Not Mean 

It’s important to keep in mind that this doesn’t change the extensions of TPS designations for the six countries mentioned that were previously announced. What it does do is that it extends the time period when those who are currently beneficiaries can re-register for their benefits. This certainly does not change in any way whatsoever any eligibility requirements. Those are the same. You’re going to have to meet the same eligibility requirements if you want to register for TPS that you did before. Rather, it just means that you’ll have more time to re-register. 

How a TPS Immigration Lawyer from the Rijal Law Firm Can Help 

As you can see, re-registering for TPS (or registering in the first place) requires quite a bit of paperwork, documentation, and the like. An immigration attorney from the Rijal Law Firm can not only help you with this, but make sure that your paperwork is done correctly, on time, and presents the best possible case for you becoming a beneficiary of TPS.

TPS Immigration Lawyer

Here to Help With Your Immigration Journey 

While we can help you to re-register for TPS, it may be that TPS is not the best possible way for you to reach your immigration goals. To that end, we can sit down with you for a free case evaluation. There, we’ll help you determine the right way to continue your immigration journey, and then we’ll be by your side for every step of that journey. Schedule a free case evaluation through our site or by calling us. 

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