TPS Immigration Lawyer for Syria and Other Designated Countries

TPS Immigration Lawyer

Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we have helped many to be able to acquire and maintain Temporary Protected Status (TPS). If you are from a TPS-designated country, we can put our experience to work for you. Recently, many countries have had their TPS updated and renewed by the government. Syria was redesignated for Temporary Protected Status. If you have any TPS questions, we encourage you to reach out to us, as a TPS Immigration Lawyer

What’s the TPS Status of Syria? 

On January 26th, in a press release entitled “Secretary Mayorkas Announces Extension and Redesignation of Syria for Temporary Protected Status,” the Secretary of Homeland Security “announced the extension and redesignation of Syria for Temporary Protected Status for 18 months, from April 1, 2024 to September 30, 2025.” 

This is because, in part, “the civil war in Syria has involved large-scale destruction of infrastructure, widespread civilian casualties, and human rights abuses and violations” among other factors. 

Due to this, the Secretary said that “We are therefore using the legal tool available to us to provide them with this much-needed humanitarian relief.” 

Who Is Affected By This? 

According to the release, the extension of TPS for Syria “allows approximately 6,200 current beneficiaries to retain TPS through September 5, 2025, if they continue to meet TPS eligibility requirements.” Beyond that, an additional 2,000 or so Syrian nationals who have been residing in the US since 1/25/24 can file an initial application to obtain TPS. 

If you are a current Syrian TPS beneficiary, then the re-registration window is open. It does not stay open for long. Indeed, it is a 60-day re-registration period from January 29th, 2024 through March 29, 2024. Re-registering during that time ensures that you keep your TPS. 

What Other Countries are TPS-Designated? 

As of this writing, many countries are designated for TPS. They include Afghanistan, Haiti, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Nepal, Honduras, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, and others. 

Is TPS the Same As Asylum? 

No. Asylum is granted to individuals, to people who fear persecution or feel unsafe in their native country. TPS, on the other hand, is about bigger groups of people. Think of the difference in terms of numbers: “Asylum” is for individuals while “TPS” is for groups. There are other important differences as well. 

How Can a TPS Immigration Lawyer Help? 

If you are interested in filing for initial TPS, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. There, one of our experienced attorneys will go over your eligibility, your history, and so forth. From there, we’ll let you know the best path forward for you. 

In many cases, we’ll be able to help you to make the possible TPS application, guiding you every step of the way. 

However, it may also be that you would best be served by another immigration path. We can help you to find that and to continue on it. To schedule a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call.

TPS Immigration Lawyer

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