Navigating the Green Card Through Spouse Path

Green Card Through Spouse

Are you entwined in the bonds of marriage with a U.S. citizen and harboring dreams of immigrating to the land of opportunities? Are you longing to secure a green card through the auspices of your spouse? Your aspirations are valid, yet the path to realization is neither swift nor effortless. The journey toward obtaining a green card through spouse is a multifaceted odyssey, contingent upon a multitude of factors. Fear not, for the seasoned professionals at the Rijal Law Firm stand as stalwart guides, ready to usher you through every twist and turn of this intricate process.

The Duration Dilemma: What Governs the Timeline

To address your most pressing query, the temporal aspect of this venture is inherently variable. On an average scale, considering the myriad of circumstances that come into play, the process spans approximately a year, give or take a few months. However, the timeline is profoundly influenced by pivotal determinants. Chief among these factors is the dichotomy of your residence: do you presently dwell within the United States or find yourself residing abroad? Equally significant is the immigration status of your spouse: is your beloved a U.S. citizen, enjoying the full privileges of citizenship, or are they a Permanent Resident, with a coveted green card in their possession?

Navigating the Terrain: Marriage to a Green Card Holder

In the event that your spouse holds a green card, your sojourn toward permanent residency is intricately linked to your current abode. If your domestic haven is within the United States, the bureaucratic processes, from the initial completion of the “Adjustment of Status” form to the coveted reception of your green card, unfurl across a span of 29 to 38 months. Contrastingly, if your residence lies beyond American borders, the avenue to tread is the route of “Consular Processing.” Embarking with the submission of an “Immigrant Visa Electronic Application,” akin to an online green card petition, the entire journey encompasses a duration ranging from 23 to 32 months.

The Advantage of Matrimony with a U.S. Citizen

In the fortunate circumstance where your spouse is a bona fide citizen of the United States and you are already ensconced within the nation’s embrace, serendipity may very well be on your side. This scenario offers the swiftest trajectory. From the initiation of the application, meandering through the meticulous processing phase, navigating interviews, and culminating in the ultimate approval, the entire procedure unfolds within the span of 10 to 13 months. However, if you find yourself residing beyond American shores, the previously mentioned “Consular Processing” route becomes your expedition, extending the journey to a duration of 11 to 17 months.

The Expertise at Your Disposal: Green Card through Spouse Made Feasible

The aforementioned timelines, though presented in a streamlined fashion, underscore the complexity of this undertaking. Every individual’s circumstances are unique, rendering a one-size-fits-all approach obsolete. It is crucial to recognize that these estimations assume an ideal, untroubled progression, a luxury seldom encountered in reality. Fret not, for our adept legal team stands poised to assist you, regardless of your spouse’s immigration status. Whether your partner holds the esteemed title of U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, or if alternative immigration avenues beckon, our attorneys possess the acumen and dedication to guide you effectively.

Green Card Through Spouse
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