Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer to Help You Live in the US With Your Love

Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer

Have you fallen in love with someone from a foreign country and you want to bring them to the US? There is nothing in this world like meeting the one person that’s meant for you, no matter where you meet them. A marriage-based green card lawyer from our firm can help the two of you to live happily here in the United States. 

Are My Spouse and I Eligible? 

First off, you have to be a legal citizen of the United States. Beyond that, you both have to be able to legally marry in the United States. That means that if either of you had a previous marriage, it has ended, by either divorce, death, or annulment. 

In our modern era, it’s more possible than ever to meet and maintain a relationship with someone virtually, online. However, for the sake of eligibility, you and your fiance need to have met in person at least once in the last two years before filing the petition.

Now, that said, you can get a waiver for this in circumstances such as it resulting in extreme hardships for you to meet in person, or, if, alternatively, meeting in person would violate some long-standing cultural or social norm for your fiance. 

If you haven’t met your fiance in person in two years and want to get together, we strongly recommend that you reach out to us for help. That said, we can also help with any questions you might have about eligibility as well. 

How Can a Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer Help? 

The amount of documentation and forms required for this can be overwhelming. There are many of them that have to be completed properly. Any errors, even small ones, could potentially slow or even halt the process. 

On top of that, there’s more to the process than just the documents. There will be a green card interview with a USCIS officer that you’re going to want to be as prepared as possible for. Additionally, there will be a medical examination. 

The process can be circuitous and it can be lengthy. Having someone with experience by your side can make all of the difference in the world. 

My Fiance Has Kids. Can We Bring Them, Too? 

Possibly. They could be eligible for a K-2 nonimmigrant visa. Should your fiance have kids that are under 21 and not married, it very well be possible to get them to the United States as K-2 nonimmigrants. They can’t come to America before your fiance (e), but they could potentially travel with them. 

Part of making this work is including their names on Form I-129. We understand how complicated this process can be, so we do everything in our power to make the process as stress-free as possible. When you reach out to us for a free case evaluation, we’ll talk about your specific situation. From there, we’ll determine the best course of action, and how we can best support you and yours. 

Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer

Here to Help Your Immigration Journey

Finding someone you love anywhere, whether it’s in the United States or another country, is miraculous. Our attorneys could help you to live here in America together. That said, we have many other methods of helping folks to immigrate to the United States than just a married-based green card. 

Many happy couples have reached out to us, knowing that they want to immigrate along this path, and we’ve helped them to do so. However, many others have contacted us and just said that they wanted to immigrate, and we helped them to find the best path for them. 

Schedule a free case evaluation with a Marriage-Based Green Card Lawyer of our firm through our site or by calling. 

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