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The United States is a preferred destination for investors and entrepreneurs, with its massive markets, strong legal protections for businesses, and accessible capital. The United States government allows investors and businessmen to stay for a temporary basis in the United States while giving them an opportunity to become a Lawful Permanent Resident. There are several visa options for immigrant investors who are seeking to enter the US to engage in a new commercial enterprise that will benefit the US economy through capital investment and job creation.

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The two most common approaches used by investors are:

  1. EB5: This visa gives permanent residency to individuals who are willing to make a substantial investment in certain targeted projects. The basic investment required to qualify here is $1,800,000 in most cases, although that number drops to $900,000 if the investment occurs within a ‘targeted employment area’. The EB5 track provides a direct route to Green Card status, with all that entails. We recommend a careful analysis of any such proposal before applying, as the requirements are complex.
  2. E2: The United States provides preferential opportunity for investors from certain treaty-status nations. This visa allows investors to set up a practice, office or business in the United States, or to purchase existing businesses with the intention of expanding it, in a process that is relatively streamlined. Dependents under 21 years of age are also allowed to apply for status under this visa, making it a good option for entrepreneurs who want to focus on a business without being away from their family for long stretches of time.

When applying for an investor visa, you need the help of a professional. The experienced immigration attorneys at Rijal Law will handle the details so you can focus on your business.

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