I Received a Noid Notice of Intent to Deny: What Can I Do?

Noid Notice of Intent to Deny

Did you or someone you love recently receive a Noid” (Notice of Intent to Deny)? If so, are you unsure what to do next? We understand that this can be a challenging time. It is perfectly understandable that you’re frustrated, stressed, and even scared. However, it can be fixed. It’s important to remember: this is not a rejection. Your application has not been denied. In fact, you still have an opportunity to immigrate to the United States. An experienced attorney can help. 

First: Don’t Panic. 

You may feel as if you want to panic but remember: your application has yet to be denied. Really, the NOID is about providing you with information. Specifically, it’s providing you with the information that the USCIS has reviewed your application. Moreover, they’re telling you that, as things stand right now, that application will not be approved unless changes are made. You weren’t sent this form to scare you. Rather, it’s to inform you, to let you know the truth about your petition as well as to inform you that you would not be served by different legal motions, appealing, and so forth. 

A Noid Notice of Intent to Deny is Disappointing, But… 

… it’s actually an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to make changes to your petition so that you have a better chance of being approved. If you receive a NOID, it’s entirely possible that the reasons your petition has been found wanting can be remedied. It could be a case of the USCIS needing more or different information than was on your petition. You may even need to provide more evidence to help your claim. We can help with all of that and more. 

Respond Quickly and Reach Out to An Attorney 

Once the shock of receiving the NOID has worn off, note the due date. It should be 30 days thereabouts. You want to make certain that your response is sent in to the proper authorities before that deadline. If you fail to do so, then your application will be denied. Reaching out to us as soon as you receive a NOID gives you and yours the best chance possible to turn things around and have your petition approved. 

Noid Notice of Intent to Deny

Help With Documentation, Letters, and More 

Over the years, we’ve helped many to reverse the NOID and immigrate to the United States. To use an example, some E-2 investor visa applicants needed their business plan to be rewritten, revised, further fleshed out, and so forth. That’s something we can help with. To use another example, some clients require a better “covering letter,” clarifying their documentation, evidence, and more. Speaking of “evidence,” we may be able to help you find the evidence you need to buttress your claim and immigrate. For a free consultation with our attorneys, you can reach us at (855) 997-4525


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