How We Help With Extended TPS Renewal Deadlines

TPS Renewal

Did you come to America from a TPS-designated country and wish to re-register? Are you from a country that’s been TPS designated and want to know what your options are? Recently, the Department of Homeland Security has extended the re-registration period for multiple TPS (Temporary Protected Status) companies. If you’re a TPS beneficiary, experienced lawyers from the Rijal Law Firm may be able to help you with TPS renewal, re-registration, and more. 

New Deadlines 

Recently, the DHS extended the re-registration period for six TPS-designated countries. Those countries are Haiti, El Salvador, Sudan, Nepal, Honduras, and Nicaragua. By taking this action, the re-registration period has been extended from just 60 days to 18 months. 

The deadline to re-register for Haiti is on August 3rd, 2024. The other deadlines are all in 2025. For El Salvador, that date is March 9th, for Sudan, it’s April 29th, for Nepal, that date is June 24th, for Honduras and Nicaragua, it’s July 5th. 

That may sound like it’s very far off, but it isn’t really. The sooner you reach out to an experienced attorney, the better off you’re more likely to be. 

Who Can Re-Register 

As a result of this action, TPS beneficiaries can submit the appropriate documentation at any time during the 18-month extensions of the TPS designations of these six countries. Specifically, TPS beneficiaries can submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization as well as Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status. 

Additionally, this sets new deadlines for TPS beneficiaries to re-register. For example, beneficiaries under the Sudan designation can continue re-registering after their previous October 20th, 2023 deadline, just as those under the Haiti designation can do so after their March 27th, 2023 deadline and beneficiaries under the El Salvador designation could after their September 10th, 2023 deadline. 

How We Can Help 

Firstly, we can assist you with all of those forms. In addition to completing them on time, we make sure that they’re filled out in such a way as to give you the best possible chance at success. Our attorneys have helped many over the years to apply for TPS, to re-register for it, and similar actions. By drawing upon that experience, we can guide you through the process every step of the way. Whether this is your first re-registration or you’ve been through the process many times before, we can help.
TPS Renewal

More Immigration Avenues Than Just TPS Renewal 

TPS is one path to the United States but it is far from the only one that we can walk you through. There are many others. If you know specifically what you would like help with in regards to your immigration journey, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. 

However, you can also do so if you aren’t sure exactly which immigration method might be best for you and yours. We can work with you to find which path may be the right fit. For a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call. 

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