How an F1 Visa Lawyer Can Build Your Case and Additional Services

F1 Visa Lawyer

Have you been looking for a way to come to the United States to study at a prestigious university? Do you want to be able to stay in America long enough to be able to get a degree from a university? An F1 Visa lawyer from the Rijal Law Firm very well may be able to help. We have successfully enabled students from all over the world to gain the necessary status to be admitted into prominent universities so as to pursue a bright future for themselves and their families. We can help in a variety of ways. 

Set You on the Right Path 

Here at Rijal, we can help you with essentially every step of the F1 visa process. For example, we can even help you to select an eligible school to apply to, as not all colleges are legally eligible to enroll international students. Beyond that, we can help you to choose from all of the best options that fit your specific situation. For example, you have to be able to demonstrate that your financial resources are adequate. In addition to tuition and ongoing living expenses, you’ll also have to pay for your boarding, lodging, and so forth. 

Make Sure You’re Eligible

The above criteria are not the sole determinants of F1 visa eligibility. For example, you need to have been living outside of America when you applied but you also need to be proficient in English/enrolled in education that can help you to become proficient in it. The last thing you want is to be found ineligible due to something that may feel like a technicality, some little detail. We can help you to navigate every step of the process so that you have the best possible chance for the most successful outcome. 

Help You With Documentation and More 

The F1 Visa, helpful as it can be, is only a non-immigrant visa, lasting as long as the period of the course. Should you wish to continue on a more extensive educational track, we can help you to get what’s called “Work Authorization” in your educational field, but, again, there are additional, specific eligibility requirements that must be met for that. In applying for these, it’s important to have the right documentation, yes, but it’s also important that it’s prepared and presented in the right way. Drawing upon our years of experience, we can help to make the most compelling case on your behalf. 

More Than Just an F1 Visa Lawyer 

The F1 Visa is one of the most popular student visas, yes, but it’s not the only student visa we can help with. The M1 Visa, for example, is for those who seek admission into a full-time tech or vocational course in the United States. When you reach out to us for a free case evaluation, we can help to point you toward F1 Visa Lawyer
which method of immigration would be right for your needs. Then, we can work to make it a reality. For a free case evaluation, contact us through our site or call. 


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