Green Card Through Spouse: Preparing for the Interview

Green Card Through Spouse

Have you been hoping to acquire a green card through your spouse? Do you want to be as prepared as possible throughout the process? That’s what we can do here at the Rijal Law Firm. We can, quite literally, be by your side every step of the way. One part that you may have to deal with: the interview. Specifically, you’ll be interviewed by someone who works for the USCIS. 

Your case will be different from any others. So, what we’ve written below may not be exactly right for you. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us. 

Why is There an Interview? 

There are actually multiple reasons for the interview. The interview itself isn’t just the USCIS asking you questions. It also involves a thorough examination of forms, identification documents, security-related queries, and a deep dive into the intricacies of the marital relationship. The primary objective is to ascertain the authenticity of the marriage, aiming to root out instances of immigration fraud where individuals engage in sham marriages solely to obtain a green card.

What Documentation Should I Prepare? 

To bolster their spousal green card petition, individuals are advised to compile and present documentary evidence. This may include joint bank account statements, credit card statements, a shared lease agreement, a visual narrative through pictures spanning the relationship, and testimonials from friends or family. Although no single piece of evidence is obligatory, a comprehensive collection can fortify the case by demonstrating financial interdependence and the genuine nature of the relationship.Remember, in this context, the burden of proof lies on you. You have to demonstrate the bona fide nature of their union.  We can help you to be as prepared as possible so that you’re as ready as you can be. 

What Questions Will I Be Asked? 

While there isn’t a standardized set of questions, applicants can anticipate an exploration of their relationship history. The immigration officer will try to establish the timeline of when you two first met, when the relationship gained seriousness, moments of meeting each other’s families, the decision to get married, etc.

Some officers may delve into more specific details, probing birth dates, names of family members, and other particulars to uncover any signs of green card fraud. We can coach you so that none of this will be a surprise. 

How Can an Attorney from the Rijal Law Firm Help? 

While we cannot respond to questions about the relationship on your behalf, we can navigate legal queries that may arise. Moreover, we can present the immigration officer with meticulously gathered supporting documentation, showcasing its relevance in establishing the authenticity of your marriage. Before the interview even, we’ll collaborate with you so you’ll be able to anticipate potential questions and assemble a comprehensive packet of documentation for the green card through spouse process, being fully prepared.

Will I Get a Green Card Through Spouse After a Successful Interview? 

Following the marriage green card interview, some immigration officers may render an immediate decision. However, most likely, they’ll review the case and issue a written decision within a few weeks. In the event of approval, the marriage-based green card is dispatched shortly thereafter. 

Green Card Through Spouse

Rijal Law Firm: Ready to Help Today 

With the assistance of an attorney, applicants can navigate this process with confidence, ensuring that their documentation and responses align seamlessly with the immigration officer’s scrutiny. Successfully clearing this hurdle paves the way for the issuance of the coveted marriage-based green card, marking the culmination of the adjustment of status journey.

To schedule a free case evaluation with us, message us through our site or call. 

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