DACA Immigration Lawyer to Help Those Who “Are a Part of Fabric of Nation”

DACA Immigration Lawyer

Are you a DACA recipient looking for help with your immigration? Or, alternatively, is someone you love a “Dreamer” and you want them to have the best representation possible? You can find an experienced DACA immigration lawyer here at the Rijal Law Firm. Our lawyers have a proven track record of fighting for our client’s immigration so that they’re able to continue to live their lives how they want. We can help in multiple ways. 

DACA Immigration Lawyer Can Help as DACA Changes 

Recently, the Biden administration “finalized a rule to transform the (DACA) immigration policy… into a federal regulation, a move aimed at protecting the program from legal challenges that imperil its existence.” The truth is that, as that CBS News article goes on to say, “even with the regulation, however, DACA will remain in legal jeopardy.” These laws can and have changed over the last so many years. No matter what, the Rijal Law Firm will fight to help you and yours to continue your immigration journey. 

Help With Filing 

There are many criteria that you have to meet to be eligible for DACA. As DACA is an acronym for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” you have to be able to show that you entered America before your 16th birthday. Speaking of “proof,” you need to have proof of your identity as well as your immigration status and your status as a student. You will also need to have filled out Form I-821D, “Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” Those are just some of the forms of documentation you may be asked for. We can help you to put it all together so that you have the best chance. 

Renewing DACA 

It is possible to renew DACA, provided that you meet certain deadlines. For example, you can’t have been convicted of a felony or “significant” misdemeanor. Additionally, after you submitted a recently approved DACA request, you need to have resided continuously in the United States. These renewals tend to be processed in around four months. It’s also one more way that our firm can help. We’ve assisted so many in not just requesting DACA renewal but also helping our clients make this dream come true. 

DACA Immigration Lawyer

More than DACA 

DACA has been able to help so many to lead the lives that they want here in America. That said, it’s just one of the ways that we have helped folks to immigrate here. There are so many other methods. It might be that DACA isn’t a great fit for you but some other process would. When you reach out to us, we can talk to you, learn about your situation, and make the best recommendation. For a free consultation with our experts, you can message us through our site or call (855) 997-4525.

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