Approval After NOID: Why It’s Possible and What We Can Do

Approval After NOID

Do you receive a Notice of Intent to Deny and don’t know what to do next? Does it feel like you did everything you could to make the best application possible and you still received a NOID? There’s nothing welcome about getting a NOID. It can feel like your application has already been denied. However, and this is important to remember, it hasn’t yet. Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we may be able to help. We have helped many in your position to receive approval after NOID

We Can See Why You Received a NOID 

There are any number of reasons that you could have received a NOID. Typically, you receive a NOID if you have some visa eligibility issue, such as proof the USCIS has of you violating your immigrant status, some criminal history, or something similar. It could be something like they found inconsistencies during an interview. 

When you’re issued a NOID, you’re told exactly why you’ve received it. We can craft the best response on your behalf. 

We Can Respond Promptly and Correctly 

Again, the “I” in “NOID” stands for “Intent.” They intend to deny. They haven’t yet. As such, you still have a chance. That’s where we can come in. A NOID does provide you with an opportunity to make a defense for yourself. We can put together that defense for you. 

Moreover, we can do it on time, too. You have 30 days to respond to a NOID. That’s it. It’s not a long period of time by any means. As such, you give yourself the best chance of success by reaching out to us as quickly as possible. We can then get right to work submitting evidence that addresses each and every issue the NOID mentions. 

We Can Even Help If You Were Denied 

It is entirely possible that you respond to a NOID and then, unfortunately, do receive a denial. Should that occur, that does not mean that you’re precluded from immigrating to the United States. Far from it. Indeed, we can help you to choose the next course of action and support you through it. 

Perhaps your best option is to make a legal motion to reopen your case. Maybe it’s to appeal with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). You could even refile the petition, depending on how it was denied. We will be more than happy to sit down with you and determine the best course of action, even if it’s to file for a different visa. 

Approval After NOID

More Than Just Approval After NOID Services 

No one’s ever glad to receive a NOID. But, it doesn’t have to be the end. Indeed, it can be the next step on your immigration journey. Even if you receive a NOID or an RFE, your immigration dreams can become a reality. To see how we can help, we encourage you to schedule a free case evaluation with us through our site or by calling. 

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