Actions an Experienced USCIS RFE Response Lawyer Can Take

USCIS RFE Response Lawyer

Have you received an RFE and aren’t sure what to do next? Do you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success with your RFE? As frustrating and stressful as it can be, an RFE is just a “Request For Evidence.” It is not, by any means, a denial. Rather, it’s an opportunity. An experienced USCIS RFE Response Lawyer from our firm can help you in multiple ways. 

What to Keep in Mind About an RFE 

First, you only have a limited time to respond. You may have 87 days to do so. That may seem like a long period of time but it is not. A prompt, complete response is crucial. See, when the RFE is issued by the USCIS, all work on your case stops. If you don’t respond in time, or you respond in such a manner that does not provide the evidence that the USCIS seeks, then you’re very likely to be denied. 

Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we have helped many over the years to avoid that.

What Can Cause the USCIS to Send You an RFE 

Hopefully, all they’re asking for in your RFE is a simple document, something that maybe you forgot to send but have readily accessible, etc. Or even something like getting a translation of your documents that are in a language other than English from someone who isn’t you or your spouse. 

However, many RFE’s are not that simple and instead are far more complex. They could require extensive documentation. Or, if you have a particularly unusual case, then the USCIS may have further questions.  An experienced lawyer from our firm can help you to not just collect the documentation you require carefully, but to also provide strong, considered arguments on your behalf. 

Help Even if Your RFE Is Denied 

In the event that, after you respond to an RFE, you still receive a denial, we may still be able to help. Depending on the type of visa you applied for, we may be able to make a legal motion to reopen your case, we may be able to refile the petition, or appeal through the AAO (Administrative Appeals Office). 

It could also be that an immigration attorney from the Rijal Law Firm can help you to file for a different visa, to take an immigration method that may better fit your situation. 

USCIS RFE Response Lawyer

A USCIS RFE Response Lawyer from the Rijal Law Firm is Ready to Help 

If you receive an RFE or a NOID, it can be very difficult to consider either a positive development. However, neither is a rejection or denial. Instead, they’re a chance to make a better, stronger case.

That’s exactly what we can help you to do. If you receive an RFE or NOID, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. You can do so by giving us a call or messaging us through our site. 

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