A USCIS RFE Response Lawyer on How to Avoid an RFE and How to Respond

USCIS RFE Response Lawyer

Did you recently receive an RFE and aren’t sure how to proceed? Do you feel frustrated by the process, and are trying to figure out the best way forward? No one ever wants to receive an RFE. It can be disappointing, to say the very least. However, it is not a rejection. Over the years, here at the Rijal Law Firm, a USCIS RFE Response Lawyer from our firm has helped so many to properly respond to the RFE and, ultimately, be able to immigrate to the US how you want to. 

How You May Be Able to Avoid an RFE 

When clients reach out to us before their initial immigration applications, we’re able to work with them to be able to dramatically reduce the odds that they’ll receive an RFE. We’re able to do that by providing all of the evidence that the USCIS could want. We do this by fitting the application to what the application requires. It could be that we provide proof of legal entry, comprehensive evidence of your visa sponsor’s income, or anything else necessary. The Rijal Law Firm has helped thousands to apply for the immigration status they want. We can do the same for you. 

What to Do As Soon as You Get an RFE 

It’s natural to not want to deal with an RFE when you receive one. But, as the deadlines are tight, you want to be able to get on it as quickly as possible. That means making a copy of the RFE immediately for your records and then reaching out to an attorney with RFE response experience. Most RFEs ask for specific information that can be a challenge to parse. We make sure that you respond with exactly what it is that they’re looking for. 

What to Remember About an RFE 

Your RFE, most likely, asks for new (or more in-depth) evidence. Include all of it. One way that we’re able to help our clients who receive an RFE is that we take care of all of the “little” details that, in the end, really aren’t that “little.” Case in point: your RFE response packet has to be mailed to the address on the notice and not to any USCIS address to which you mailed any other paperwork. We have responded successfully to many RFEs and look forward to doing so on your behalf.
USCIS RFE Response Lawyer

A NOID and USCIS RFE Response Lawyer for Your Needs 

An RFE isn’t the only kind of response that we’ve helped our clients to successfully respond to. Indeed, we’ve done the same for so many NOIDs (“Notice of Intent to Deny”) as well. If you wish to immigrate to the United States, it’s worth reaching out to us. We can assess your eligibility, letting you know exactly which immigration path might be best for your needs as well as how we can help. Schedule a free case evaluation by calling us or messaging us through our site. 


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