Why It Matters Which EB1 Visa Lawyer You Work With

EB1 Visa Lawyer

Have you been looking at one EB1 visa lawyer website after another and thinking: “they all look the same?” Does it feel like these lawyers are all interchangeable, with the benefits afforded by one over another seemingly negligible? It’s understandable to think that, with so many lawyers out there. However, it really does matter which you choose. There are many reasons that folks have trusted us over the years to build their EB1 case. 


The EB-1A and the EB-1B are some of the most sought-after visas for many reasons. As you can tell from the names, “Aliens with Extraordinary Qualities” and “Outstanding Researchers Outstanding Professors,” only the most qualified of the most qualified are selected. That said, we’ve helped to be considered as exactly that. We can work with what you have, with your particular situation, to put together the best, most compelling case for your favored immigration status. Many who have wondered “if would I be right for EB-1A or EB-1B” reached out to us and we were able to work to make that a reality. 

Putting You in the Right Category (and More) 

EB-1A may be one of if not the most sought-after categories of visas, but EB-1B is right up there. We can help you to make a determination about which of these is best for you. There’s nothing really “lesser” about EB-1B, it can absolutely help you to immigrate to the United States on your terms. When you reach out to our attorneys, we’ll sit down with you and go over your situation. With the information from that, we’ll be able to not just build the best case for your immigration but to choose the right immigration path for you. 

RFE Ready if Need Be 

An RFE can be intimidating. It can be especially so if you filed a petition for your own EB-1A. In fact, the EB-1A RFE can be particularly intimidating because the standards are so high. As such, there’s just no margin for error here. Even the smallest error could be just enough to tank your EB-1A. We don’t let that happen. If you receive an RFE, our staff can look over it and make sure to supplement your original application right. How? Often, with stronger, more compellingly-presented evidence. That way, you give yourself the best chance of securing approval. 

EB1 Visa Lawyer

Beyond the Services of an EB1 Visa Lawyer 

It’s important to note that, even if you aren’t a great candidate for an EB-1A or EB-1B, you very well could still have a great opportunity to immigrate to the United States. Indeed, we have helped many folks to immigrate to the United States through many, many different visas, paths, and more. For a free consultation with our lawyers so as to find the best path for your immigration, you can message us through our site or call us at (855) 997-4525

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