Why a Green Card through Spouse Can Be the Economic Way For You To Immigrate To The USA

Green Card through Spouse

One way to enter the United States legally is via a green card through spouse. A visa via this service may be obtained more quickly and at a lower cost than conventional channels. But there are a few things you need to know before making a final choice. Here, we’ll discuss the steps necessary to marry for a green card and the advantages of doing so. Moreover, we will advise on how to proceed if your application is rejected. Read on to learn all you need to know about applying for a green card via marriage, whether you’re just beginning your research or are ready to take the next step. After tying the knot, newlyweds often rush to begin their lives together. If you’re a lawyer-client and fall into that category, you may ask what steps you need to take to apply for a green card via marriage. This is important information, so read on!

Consult With An Immigration Lawyer For Specific Advice On Your Situation!

One of the first things you’ll need to determine if you want to immigrate to the United States is whether or not you want to bring your spouse with you. Suppose you are interested in moving to the United States. Many individuals decide to move to a new country on their own for various reasons, including their age, occupation, and the circumstances of their families. After entering the country on a work visa, these individuals often do not apply for an employment-based green card until they have already received a job offer in the United States, and only then do they submit their application. 

Although obtaining permanent residence via work could be more time-consuming, it is often less complicated and more dependable than other routes. If you think this would be something you would be interested in, you should discuss your choices with an immigration attorney.

You, Will, Need Evidence of Your Marriage

“K-1 visa” is another name for a “green card” obtained via marriage. If you meet the requirements, it’s a terrific method to come to the United States since it allows you to start a new life in the United States without the stress of attempting to find a job or enroll in school. Anyone with a green card can travel to and from the United States as often as possible; however, they must record their trips to keep their green card in good standing. 

You’ll need tangible proof of your marriage, such as a marriage license or wedding pictures. If your marriage is less than two years old at the time you apply for the K-1 visa, you will additionally need to provide proof that your relationship is healthy and stable. It might be helpful to have a written account of your relationship, including specifics like when you met and how often you see one other. You may need more of this proof even after two years of marriage if there’s been any issue.

You, Will, Need to Submit An Application Package

If you are among the thousands who have filed for immigration and been approved, you have accomplished a major milestone in the path to permanent residence and, eventually, American citizenship. If you haven’t been through it yet, know that it’s possible with the correct support system but that it may be time-consuming and difficult. A complete application includes a photocopy of your passport and an original signature. After the USCIS receives your application and accompanying documents, it will send you a package including a receipt notice and an appointment for biometrics (fingerprinting) at an Application Support Center (ASC). 

An appointment notification for your interview at the consulate or embassy with authority over your permanent residence or at the port of entry most conveniently located to you will also be sent to you. Ensure you study these guidelines thoroughly and show up to both scheduled appointments with the required paperwork. If everything goes well during your interview, you should get your green card through spouse within a month.

Green Card through Spouse

It’s Important to Begin the Process of Green Card Through Spouse Application Early

U.S. citizens’ spouses and minor children are not subject to numerical limits for immigrant visas to the United States. It’s one of the few options to apply for a Green Card without first getting a visa, which most immigrants need to do. The stages involved in applying for a green card through spouse to a U.S. citizen are basic and easy to follow, but you must be cautious not to miss any deadlines or misplace any necessary papers. If you are married to a U.S. citizen, you should start the procedure as soon as possible, even if your spouse has not yet finished applying for citizenship. Otherwise, you will be required to wait until your husband has become a citizen before you may apply. However, while waiting for the USCIS to confirm their citizenship status, your spouse may begin collecting papers and filling out forms if they have previously filed an immigration petition on your behalf.

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