Ways an EB1 Visa Lawyer Can Help You Immigrate

EB1 Visa Lawyer

Struggling to find the right EB1 visa attorney? Does every lawyer seem similar in their approach? All too often, that’s the case. Some law firms simply give each client “cookie cutter” representation, giving them the bare minimum and hoping for the best. That’s not how we work. An EB1 visa lawyer from our firm can help you to immigrate to the United States how you want to immigrate. At Rijal Law Firm, we separate ourselves from the rest through exemplary service and outstanding results. We have a long history of successfully assisting applicants in obtaining their EB1 visas, and now, we’re prepared to utilize our expertise for your case. We can help you to realize your immigration goals while supporting you every step of the way. 

Seasoned Expertise Throughout the Process 

These visas are amongst the most competitive. Despite possessing significant talent and a long list of qualifications, many individuals fail to get these visas due to fierce competition. Our success in helping immigrants secure both the EB-1A and EB-1B visas stands as testament to our proven competence. However, we’ve consistently helped our clients to meet this standard and secure what they seek.From the moment you sign with us during a free evaluation, we get right to work. For starters, we begin by collating compelling evidence of one’s extraordinary achievements, followed by filing a Form I-140 petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Then, you might need to adapt your status, or if residing abroad, apply for a visa through a US consul, before awaiting approval and progressing to the subsequent steps towards securing a green card. We understand how complicated this can get very quickly. As such, we’re there to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need when you need it. 

Proven Immigration Approach

Understanding the uniqueness of your immigration journey and experiences, we tailor our approach to reflect your individual story. Instead of forcing your information into a generic EB1 application, we build a compelling and personalized case that represents the best of you. In doing this, we draw from our expertise, tying together our understanding of the USCIS’ preferences and the distinct aspects of your case. We maintain open communication, providing answers to your queries and continual support throughout the process.

EB1 Visa Lawyer

How We Can Help 

This visa requires “exceptional ability.” That can be a bit of a nebulous term. To demonstrate exceptional ability, the applicant needs to accumulate a considerable body of evidence, illustrating their notable achievements. This could mean showcasing major international recognitions, proof of membership in esteemed organizations, published materials featuring your accomplishments, holding influential positions in respected organizations, evidence of earning significantly more than others in your field, or showcasing original contributions of high significance to your field of expertise.We can help you to construct that, to make the best, most compelling case on your behalf. When we say we’re there to help you “every step of the way,” understand, there are often many steps to this process. The processing duration can fluctuate greatly, ranging from a few months to even a year or more, depending on personal circumstances and the current workload of USCIS. When contemplating an EB-1 application, it’s vital to consider the intricate legalities, such as the specifics of meeting the ‘extraordinary ability’ criteria, and the financial implications, including attorney costs, USCIS filing fees, and expenses related to collecting required documentation and evidence.We also receive queries about whether the family of an EB-1 visa holder can receive benefits. Indeed, the immediate dependents (spouses and children below 21 years) of an EB-1 visa holder can also apply for a green card using a concept known as ‘derivative status’ that leans on the principal applicant’s qualifications.

Finding the Perfect Match

The EB-1A is designed for “Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities,” while the EB-1B suits “Outstanding Researchers/Outstanding Professors.” These high-status titles match high expectations. We’ve guided many clients who, after a free case evaluation, we believed were well-suited for these visas. At Rijal Law Firm, we offer more than just EB1 Visa expertise. While the EB1 Visa is an exceptional path to US immigration, it’s merely one of several avenues. There may be other routes of immigration that match your profile and increase your chances of success.We’ve successfully assisted clients from across the globe to immigrate to the United States on their conditions. We invite you to explore how we might assist you by scheduling a complimentary case evaluation with us, either through our website or by phone.When you approach us for a free case evaluation, we’ll guide you towards the right path for you.

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