Visa Extension Lawyer Explains Your Options on How to Stay in America

Visa Extension Lawyer

Are you in America on a B1 or B2 visa and want to stay longer than you originally anticipated? Or, alternatively, has your B1 or B2 authorization expired and you still want to stay in the country? While this may be a scary, stressful time, know that you are not out of options. A visa extension lawyer from Rijal Law Firm may be able to help. Below are some of the most common questions we are asked by those who wish to extend their visas. 

I’ve Decided to Extend My Visa, What Should I Do First? 

We recommend that you file your request as soon as you know that you may need to change your nonimmigrant classification or stay in the US. As with so much else related to visa extension, contacting a law firm experienced with visa extension procedures at any time can make the process less onerous. In terms of when to file, the USCIS recommends that you file at the bare minimum of 45 days before the end of your permitted stay. That’s about a month and a half. So, the sooner you file this, the better. 

My Authorization Has Expired, What Should I Do? 

In the event that you’re filing when you are what’s called “Out of Status,” (meaning, in this context, that your I-94 as well as your B1 or B2 authorization has expired), then you have to show that your delay in filing was due to circumstances you could not control. Examples of this can potentially include medical emergencies, your travel documents being lost or stolen, or the like. As you might imagine, proving this to a USCIS agent (who is, in most cases, skeptical) can be difficult, which is one more reason to work with a law firm that has experience with visa extension. 

How Can a Visa Extension Lawyer from Rijal Law Firm Help? 

Beyond being able to help with proving your case to a USCIS agent (if necessary), we can also handle all of the documentation and paperwork associated with this application. We understand how challenging this time can be, and we’ve helped many people who were in the exact position that you are right now to achieve the immigration status that they sought. It’s important to note that many reach out to us not just for their own visa extension, but for that of their parents or family members.

An Immigration Law Firm that Understands Immigration 

The founders of our law firm are immigrants themselves. They know what this process can be like, the toll it can take, but also the benefits it can provide when navigated successfully. That is what we do for our clients. We can be on your side throughout the process, ultimately giving you the best chance possible for a successful outcome. You can schedule a free case evaluation with us to see how we can help. To do so, message us through our contact form or give us a call. 

visa extension lawyer
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