U Visa Bona Fide Determination: Helping Those in Need

U Visa Bona Fide Determination

Have you been wondering if you’re eligible for U Visa Bona Fide Determination? We can help you to navigate this potentially challenging immigration path. The truth is that this determination has helped so many to be able to leave a dangerous situation and have a fresh start. However, it’s also the kind of thing that you want to make sure is handled expertly, with nothing left to chance. That’s where we come in. We’ve helped many to immigrate in this way and can now do the same for you. 

Who’s Eligible 

For the most part, you are eligible for this if you’re a victim of a “qualifying crime or associated criminal activity,” you suffered because of the crime (mentally and/or physically), and you have information about the crime/criminal activity. Additionally, the crime happened in the US or at least violated US laws and you agree to assist law enforcement in their investigation. “Qualifying crimes” include murder, kidnapping, abduction, felonious assault, sexual assault, and many, many other serious crimes. 

How the Rijal Law Firm Can Help 

As someone who has agreed to help with law enforcement, you may feel that law enforcement is entirely on your side. Unfortunately, many US government agencies are less likely to issue a certification because they don’t want to participate in the U-Visa program. Thus, it’s all the more imperative that you work with experienced attorneys who can help you to navigate this process that much better. We’ve done this many times before and, if you’re eligible, we can make this challenging process just a bit more palatable. 

How Cops and Prosecutors May Try to Take Advantage

Sometimes, cops and prosecutors may try to use your need for certification against you. You’ve already agreed to help law enforcement with what you know, but you may be asked to go beyond that. Perhaps they want to coerce you to do something that’s well beyond the scope of the qualifying crime that is part of your determination. Too often, for example, law enforcement may try to get you to go undercover in a sting operation, something that is far beyond the purview of what you agreed to. We can negotiate and communicate with law enforcement officials on your behalf. 

U Visa Bona Fide Determination

Many Potential Immigration Paths 

This can be the best way for many to immigrate to the United States, but, due to its nature, not everyone will be able to use this pathway. Fortunately, there are many, many others. Indeed, here at the Rijal Law Firm, we’ve helped folks from so many different countries and so many different situations to be able to immigrate to the US how they wanted to. For a free consultation, you can reach us through our site or you can call us at (855) 997-4525

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