Signs You Need A New Green Card Lottery Attorney

Green Card Lottery Attorney

Have you considered entering the green card lottery for some time but had the confidence to do so? If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire a green card lottery attorney, read on. It could be your ticket to citizenship if you’re lucky enough to win the green card lottery. For others, it’s a gateway to the opportunity to create a life they can be proud of in the United States. In any case, entering the green card lottery is an exciting opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. 

Unfortunately, the application process can appear daunting to some. It may be time to consider hiring an attorney to assist you with your green card lottery application if you feel like yours has been stalled for too long or if you can’t seem to get a handle on it on your own. Some warnings that it’s time to find a new green card lottery lawyer. Warnings that it may be time to find a new green card lottery lawyer.

Your Attorney Didn’t Prepare You Well For the Application Process

If you’ve had a lifelong desire to live in the United States, you may already know the difficulty of obtaining citizenship. There are extensive procedures, including long wait times, many paperwork requirements, and a hefty cost. It’s simple to feel at ease in a new place when you meet an immigration lawyer like those at a green card lottery attorney. You’ll be able to express your concerns and learn what to anticipate from the procedure. 

By consulting with an attorney, you may get a sense of how to best prepare for the application process and the questions you can expect to be asked during your interview. While there are never any assurances in the law, if your attorney has done their work properly, you should have very little to worry about if your name is drawn in the green card lottery.

Your Green Card Lottery Attorney Didn’t Submit Your Application on Time

Getting the Green Card Lottery application process underway as soon as possible is essential. If your attorney does not do their part in assisting you in submitting your application on time, this may reduce the likelihood of your being able to go on with the case. This is because there is a deadline for when you need to submit all of the documents required by the government, including the photos and any other documentation that supports your eligibility for the Green Card Lottery

This deadline ensures that as many people as possible get the chance to participate in the program. If your attorney failed to submit your application by the specified date, then it is possible that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will not give your case any more consideration. A knowledgeable attorney who specializes in lottery law will be aware of the necessary paperwork, and they will be able to ensure that everything is turned in on time.

Your Attorney Didn’t Help You Document Your Eligibility

Having someone on your side familiar with the ins and outs of a set of rules and regulations may be invaluable when things become sticky. If you want to know your chances of winning the green card lottery and how the procedure works, you should consult a green card lottery attorney. This information is vital when completing your application, but what good would it do you if your lawyer never took the time to explain the basics? Obtaining an attorney that does nothing but provides you with a list of resources is conceivable, but why put yourself in harm’s way for that? An attorney can fail in their duty to their client by not assisting them in establishing eligibility in several ways. 

First, they might misrepresent their customers by providing false or missing information on official paperwork. Your application will not seem as polished as one produced by a professional, no matter how hard you try. What this implies is that there is a chance you won’t be able to convince USCIS to accept your application with sufficient documentation.

Green Card Lottery Attorney

Your Attorney Didn’t Follow Up With You After Your Application Was Rejected

Another red flag that your current green card lottery attorney isn’t doing their job is if they didn’t get back to you after your application was denied. There’s a good chance your lawyer disappeared following the bad news because they didn’t want to deal with the ramifications. Your lawyer may have exhausted all available options or may no longer have trust in your ability to get a visa. You should go elsewhere if your lawyer doesn’t seem concerned about your case. A lawyer will often reach out through email or phone shortly after an application is denied to gather further information. Something may be amiss if no one has communicated with you recently. If your lawyer doesn’t provide direction once you join the green card lottery, they’re not doing you any favors.

If you’ve been waiting to hear back from the Green Card Lottery, or if you’re considering your options, call Rijal Law Firm at +1 (855) 997-4525 for more information! If you’re stuck in a situation where you’re having trouble getting your application approved, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can help. We know how stressful the Green Card Lottery process can be, and we want to be sure that you have the best chance of being accepted into the program.

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