F Visa:

Students (F and M visas)

Foreign students may be granted F or M visas to study in the United States. This allows them to remain in the U.S. until completion of their studies.

As holders of student status, students are typically allowed to apply for employment authorization to perform practical training, both prior to and/or after graduation. An individual may hold up to one year of Curricular Practical Training during school, and one year of Optional Practical Training after graduation. Typically, the employment must be related to the students’ studies and the application for employment authorization must be filed after the student has been already in an F-1 student status for at least nine months.

USCIS provides F1 and F2 visas for those who wish to come to the United States to pursue academic studies or language training programs. For anyone wishing to apply for an F or M visa, the following items may be necessary to qualify:

  • You must be enrolled in an academic, language training, or vocational program
  • The education institution you intend to enroll in must be approved by USCIS
  • You must be enrolled fulltime
  • You must be proficient in English or be taking course that help develop a proficiency in English
  • You must be able to show proof that you have financial support for the duration of your studies
  • You must maintain a residence abroad that you do not intend to abandon

The M1 visa is reserved for students in nonacademic programs such as vocational and technical schools. To obtain an M1 visa, a student must provide a signed Form I-120 at a U.S. Embassy or consulate in his or her home country.

There are many stipulations and requirements for not only obtaining a student visa, but also for maintaining one. Contact us if you would like help filing for your F or M student visa.

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