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H1B Visa 
H1B is a specialty occupation non-immigrant visa that allows qualified foreign workers to work for US employers. Every fiscal year, 85,000 H1B visas are available to be issued with around 20,000 of them exclusively reserved for students having a Master’s degree from the United States (also called Master’s Cap). Since the number of applicants is much higher than the number of visas available, the applicants have to go through a random lottery (Usually referred as H1B Cap) in the month of April every year. 
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H1B visa is one of the most sought-after nonimmigrant visas among foreign nationals who want to come and work in the United States and are also one of the most scrutinized visa categories. There are several requirements that need to be fulfilled by the H1B visa applicant as well as the petitioning employer. Some of the major ones include:

The applicant must have a Bachelors’ or a higher degree and work experience
The employer must obtain a Labor Condition Application from the Department of Labor before filing an H1B petition. This is to make sure that the employer is paying the H1B visa holder his fair wages
A H1B visa holder can work only for the sponsoring employer

Dual Intent Visa
Dual intent visas are the visas that allow a non-immigrant to live temporarily in the United States while having immigrant intentions to permanently settle in the United States. Essentially H1B is a non-immigrant visa and maxes out in 6 years. The employer needs to file an immigrant petition with the Department of Labor before the end of 6 years and can be extended after I 140 has been approved. 

H1B to Adjustment of Status
Since H1B is a dual intent visa, you can file your adjustment of status after your priority date becomes current and get a Permanent Resident Status, along with their dependents. 
The wait for H1B Visa holders runs into decades for nationals of India and China. The inability of their dependents to work takes a huge toll on their family and financial wellbeing. Spouses of H1B visa holders, who have an approved Immigrant petition (I 140) and are waiting for their Priority Date to be current, are eligible for EAD. H4 EAD holders can work for any employer in the United States. If you have an approved I 140 and want to apply H4 EAD for your spouse, you can book a consultation with our experienced immigration attorneys. 

If you are an employer and want to apply for H1B visa holders for your organization, you can contact Rijal Law Firm today and book your consultation with the best employment-based immigration attorney in Dallas. Our H1B visa team is experienced in preparing H1B petitions for a variety of employers ranging from IT to construction and Hospitality and help the employers in compliance related to H1B nonimmigrant workers.

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