Family Based Immigration

We help keep your spouse, children, and relatives together in United States!

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You can sponsor or be sponsored by immediate family member who possess a qualifying immigration status in order to secure temporary, conditional, or permanent residency to the United States. It is necessary to recognize that this process is almost never quick and easy, and for that reason there are many legal remedies that will allow you and your family to stay together should you qualify. Every situation is unique, which is why it is important to discuss your goals and circumstances with a qualified legal professional as soon as possible, should you wish to pursue a family-based adjustment of status.

Naturalization Exceptions
Who can qualify?

Some of the circumstances that might be relevant here include:

  • If you’re engaged to a hopeful immigrant or a citizen of the United States, you and your fiancé may qualify for a visa on the condition that you get married within 90 days. Spouses who were married less than two years at the time of their partner’s approval may qualify.
  • Children of United Statescitizens and spouses of citizens whose marriage is older than two years at the time of their partners approval can qualify for naturalization or permanent family-based residency. 
  • Depending on the individual qualifying circumstances, families waiting for the processing of immigrant visas may be allowed to stay together during the length of the process.
  • The Child Status Protection Act may protect certain adults from losing their status as a “child” for immigration purposes if they applied for a Green Card before they turn 21, granted they meet other qualifying criteria.

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