How Can I Get a US Green Card If I’m From Nepal?

Nepali Immigration Lawyers in Dallas

You’ll need to speak to Nepali immigration lawyers in Dallas if you want to get a U.S. green card. In fact, you won’t be alone if you’re seeking permanent residency in the U.S. and you’re from this country. The US hosts applicants from both India and Nepal each year who frequently immigrate to the US.

Why You’ll Need to Speak to a Nepali Immigration Lawyers in Dallas

According to the US Department of State (DOS), the US is an immigrant-friendly country, receiving about 1 million immigrants annually. Many green card holders, or permanent US residents, go on to become naturalized citizens of the US.

Get Direct Help from Experienced Immigration Attorneys

If you’re from Nepal, it is important to speak to a legal firm that handles immigration applications from Nepalese-based immigrants, as they’ll be able to speak your language. Lawyers who specialize in immigration law for immigrants from Nepal can provide assistance to you whether you speak Nepalese, Hindi, or Gujarati besides English. 

If you’re from Nepal and need to get a US green card to become a US permanent resident, you have it in your power to do so.  Nepali immigration lawyers in Dallas will help you fill out the proper forms so you can live and work in the US.

Nepali Immigration Lawyers in Dallas

Learning More about the EB-3 Program for Nepali Immigrants

One of the ways immigrants from Nepal can obtain a green card is by going through the EB-3 program. This program makes getting a job and living in the U.S. fast and progressive. “EB” stands for “employment-based,” so that is the focus of this visa/green card option. 

Whether you’re a professional, skilled worker, or an unskilled worker applying for employment, you can enter the program so you get a job with a US employer who has approved you for work in the US.

If you meet the program’s criteria, you can also add your spouse and any children under 21 years of age and unmarried on your application.

Proving Your Eligibility

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), if you’re considered an unskilled worker, you must show that you can work at jobs that require up to 2 years of training and experience. These jobs must not be seasonal or temporary. Examples of this type of work include caregivers or hotel housekeepers. 

Skilled workers in the  EB-3 program must have at least 2 years of experience or training in a job that is not seasonal or temporary. 

If you enter the program as a professional from Nepal, you should possess a baccalaureate degree from a US college or the equivalent in education from a foreign country.

Obtaining Labor Certification

You must either have the offer for a full-time job or obtain labor certification. Your employer needs to go through the U.S. Department of Labor to obtain labor certification. Acting as your work sponsor, your employer must petition a request for a certificate via Form ETA-9089. 

In addition, your employer must also file a “Petition for Alien Worker” or Form  I-140 with the USCIS to show you’re paid regularly. To do this, your employer must provide a copy of their company’s annual report, an audited financial statement, or the company’s US income tax return.

How Long Does It Take for EB-3 Processing?

To obtain an EB-3 visa, it takes about 6 months after you submit the required form I-140. If you need to go through the labor certification process, you may have to wait as long as two years. 

In essence, an EB-3 visa allows a US employer to sponsor a worker from a foreign country–in this case, Nepal–so they can obtain a green card. Therefore, as long as you’ve received a full-time offer for a job from a U.S. employer, you can get a green card more easily. Your permanent resident card lasts for 10 years.

You Can Also Obtain a Marriage Green Card

The EB-3 Visa to Green Card program is the best way for Nepali workers to immigrate to the US and begin working. 

You can also obtain a marriage green card if your spouse holds a green card or is a US citizen. Applicants whose spouses are citizens of the US are given priority with respect to processing. 

The marriage green card lasts for 2 years before it comes up for renewal. At that time, you can remove the restrictions on the card and obtain a permanent green card that will not expire for 10 years. Most immigrants apply for naturalization, however, after 5 years.

Contact Nepali Immigration Lawyers Now

As top Nepali immigration lawyers in Dallas, the Rijal Law firm is a recognized leader in supporting immigration for Nepali immigrants. Contact the legal firm today at (885) 997-4525 for more details. Whether you speak Gujarati, Hindi, or Nepalese, you can find an advocate – someone who can assist you in realizing the American dream of working and living in the US.

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