Fiance Visa vs Marriage Visa: Which One is Faster?

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Have you and your beloved been making plans and want to figure out the quickest, fastest way to be together? Has it come down to whether or not to get a fiance visa or a marriage visa? If so, we can help to guide you. Our pro marriage and fiance visa lawyer team can lay out the pros and cons of each, so that you can figure out the best choice for your particular situation. And, make no mistake, it’s about which is right for your situation. We’ve helped so many to be together how and when they would like in America. 

The K-1 Fiance Visa 

It may seem surprising, but many couples, when given a choice between a marriage visa and a K-1 Fiance Visa, opt for the latter. That’s because it does take less time and can also be less expensive than other methods. From the moment you file your I-129F Petition to the day your visa is issued tends to be around five to seven months. That includes how long it takes for your Petition to be approved, your Petition being sent for processing at an overseas embassy, an interview and the issuing of it. So, all in all, it takes roughly half a year. 

Marriage Visas: IR-1 and CR-1

Marriage visas, on the other hand, can take longer than the fiance visas. Yes, on average, the process does take the same five to seven months. That said, it can actually take much longer, as several months can be added to the timeframe. Why? Because residents of the United States have to wait for an Immigration Visa Number to become available. Hopefully, they’re “ready to go,” so to speak, but often, there’s a backlog. 

Another Option to Speed Things Up

It’s important to note that there is a third option in addition to the marriage visa and the fiance visa: the spousal visa. Many couples have gotten caught in the “gears” of the system, with a pending Marriage Visa Petition with the USCIS that seemingly isn’t going anywhere. The K3 Spousal Visa can help. With this, the process can be expedited. Now, as you might imagine, there are some strict requirements here. For example, this isn’t available to the spouse of a resident of the United States, only a citizen of the United States. 

fiance visa lawyer

A Marriage and Fiance Lawyer Who Can Help 

It’s entirely possible that you’ve read this blog and thought: “OK, my partner and I still aren’t sure which is the right option for us.” That’s where we can come in. We’re always glad to sit down with folks and talk to them about how we can make their immigration dreams come true. Whether you’re married or engaged, we can work with you to find a positive solution. For a consultation, call us at (855) 997-4525.  

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