Family Based Green Card Lawyer Helps You Submit Your Petition

Family Based Green Card Lawyer

It is commonly known that the United States immigration system is difficult to navigate for various reasons. After all, it is designed to filter the largest number of people through its complex mechanisms. Among these is the child-to-parent family petition system, which allows children of immigrants born in the United States to request immigration documents for their foreign parents. A family-based green card lawyer can take care of these for you.

Carrying Out a Family Petition to Foreign-Born Parents

Within the US immigration system, there are certain resources for children of immigrants born within the country. When making use of these resources, it will be important to have the help of people who know enough about these immigration applications. That is what a family-based green card lawyer is for.

Submitting the Petition

The first thing to know is that to submit a family petition from children to parents, the child must be over 21 years of age. If that’s the case, the son will be able to request a new immigration status for his parents without having to ask for a pardon beforehand. Sure, there are going to be certain requirements that have to be met. These requirements will vary according to the specific circumstances of the applicant and their parents.

What Options Do You Have?

We first have the cases in which the parents of the child in question should have entered the country with a visa without having left the country since then. The second requirement states that the parents be eligible for the 245(i) application. This means that someone filed a family petition for them before 2001 and they have not been deported since then. This will also apply if there is a deportation order that has not been fulfilled before. In cases where the visa requirement is not met, there is another option.

What if They Did Not Enter With a Visa?

Now, in cases in which the parents did not enter the country with a visa, they will first have to present a family petition for children to their parents so that they can receive a green card. In certain cases, petitions cannot be made through the children due to restrictions that often complicate the procedures. For example, if one of the parents was caught crossing the border after 1997, or was even deported at some point, we do not recommend filing a petition on behalf of the children. It is a good idea to consult a family-based green card lawyer to figure out what to do if the parents did not enter the country with a valid visa.

Family Based Green Card Lawyer

Family-Based Green Card Lawyer

Immigration is a very complex field, and each different process will come with its own nuances, requirements, and procedures to follow. Because of this, it’s important that you don’t handle these cases by yourself. Instead, look for a family-based green card lawyer so that you’re able to give your application its best shot. For more information, reach out to our team here at Rijal Law Firm by calling us, emailing us at, or by sending us a message through our website. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can to help you

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