How Our EB1 Visa Lawyer Makes the Strongest Case for Our Clients

eb1 visa lawyer

Have you been looking for an EB1 visa lawyer who gives you the best possible chance to succeed? The benefits of an EB1 visa are many, but the eligibility standards are high. When it comes to your immigration status, you want to give yourself the right opportunity. That’s what we provide here at the Rijal Law Firm. We have a proven track record of making the best case for eligible clients as well as helping so many to be able to achieve their immigration dreams. 

The Best Petition on Your Behalf 

When we put together your case, we go beyond your accomplishments, and your CV. That gives a sense of your qualifications, but we work with you to find more pertinent details that set you apart from the other applicants. We know how to craft your petition in such a way that your “extraordinary ability” is undeniable and readily apparent. For one example, we work with you on the reference letters, making sure that yours puts you in the best position for success. 

Experience with USCIS Adjudicators 

Over the years, we’ve presented EB1 candidates to many different USCIS Adjudicators. Always, we do so in such a way that presents our clients in the best possible light, showing that you’re among the very best at what you do. It’s so important to do so in such a way that can be easily understood by an adjudicator. We present our client’s case in such a way that your candidacy is obvious and clear, easily understood by a layperson as well as an adjudicator. Our lawyers work to show your work as well as the significance of your accomplishments (as well as what you will accomplish) in the best possible light. 

All of the Right Documentation 

In terms of documentation for an EB1 Visa, it’s natural to feel like you want to put out as much documentation as possible. However, we’ve found the right method is to highlight proper documentation. We make sure that any adjudicator understands the impact of your educational attainment, your awards, accomplishments, citations, and more. Moreover, we do so with the evidence standard in mind, always focused on the goal of helping you to get the visa you seek. Whether you’re trying for an EB-1A or an EB-1B, we know how to craft the right case for you. 

More Than Just an EB1 Visa Lawyer 

When you first see the eligibility requirements for an EB1 Visa, it can be daunting. But, it is possible to qualify. With the right attorney by your side, you can make your immigration dreams come true. We encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation. There, our lawyers can go over your past and your qualifications with you. If we determine that you’re a great fit for an EB1, we can work with you towards that goal. Should we feel that you would best be served by pursuing another immigration method, we can help with that as well. Just reach out to us through our site or by giving us a call. 

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