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EB1 VISA Track

Have you been looking for a way to immigrate to the United States? Do you have certain unique abilities, talents, and qualifications? Are you… extraordinary?!

Consider the EB1 VISA Track! This specialized VISA option is reserved for the most accomplished and successful aspiring immigrants. For those who qualify under the stringent requirements, this approach can provide work authorization untethered from any specific employer sponsorship, and often serves to open a path to Green Card residency.

Because the requirements are so demanding, it is important consult with an experienced immigration  lawyer with proven success in seeing these complicated matters to completion. 

Bear in mind: an EB1 Visa will be the right option for many, but not for everyone. Even if you don’t qualify for an EB1, there are a wealth of other options and opportunities that may apply. We’re always glad to sit down with folks and figure out the best way to help them to make their immigration dreams come true.

EB-1A Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities

“EB-1A” is a visa for candidates who have extraordinary abilities in the arts, the sciences, or education. This includes people who have won Academy Awards, Nobel Prizes, and the like. It also includes awardees of more earthbound recognitions: Lumberjack of the Year, maybe. Great Bake-Off Finalist. Educator of the Year.


It is also for people who have “authorship of scholarly articles in their field, published in professional journals,” ”membership in associations in their field of endeavor that requires outstanding achievements of their members,” and the like. 


This is, bar none, one of the most sought-after categories for visas. That said, to qualify, you have to be able to prove to the United States Government that you are among the best in your field and (this is crucial) that your work provides great value to the United States as a country, too. 


You can apply for one of these yourself, even if you’re outside of the United States. The criteria for success in this VISA petition are exhaustive, and can prove intimidating. That is why it can be so critical to retain the assistance of an immigration professional with years of experience in assembling successful petitions in this specialized lane. 


At RIJAL LAW FIRM, we have proven success working with a worldwide diversity of such extraordinary talents: film stars, fashion moguls, environmental advocates, notable authors and even elite athlets. 


In all of these cases, there is a proven and reliable program for success: starting with careful, deliberate planning as then executing through the meticulous and comprehensive collection of evidence. But this is easier said than done.


Beyond planning and evidence, there is also a less easily defined aspect to this successful approach: guiding clients to best define their field of specialization, and then establishing a framework in which their excellence within this field can best be understood. To use an analogy, a star slugger on a professional baseball team would have a great shot at earning an EB1A VISA. That same slugger’s baseball coach, the one taught him everything he knows about swinging a bat! He would have a great chance as well. The key is to defining their field of expertise: yes, both can be defined as experts in baseball, but that is such a broad field, with such expansive parameters, that a submission based on that field is likely to be rejected. That is because USCIS is looking for the best of the best when it comes to determining who qualifies here. 


Take it from the top, and submit the slugger as 

one of the most consistent big league batsmen in this hemisphere

and submit the coach as 

one of the most influential and impactful swinging specialists in the managerial ranks.


That gives us two home-run applications. 


If you have questions about pursuing one of these advanced VISA allocations, we are happy to walk you through the process and discuss the particulars of your specific circumstances.

EB-1B Outstanding Researchers Outstanding Professors

Outstanding researchers and professors in academic and research settings are able to pursue the EB-1B VISA category. Those who qualify will be able to prove national or international recognition for their work. This can be done a number of different ways, and each case is going to be fundamentally different at this level. At RIJAL LAW FIRM we have worked with aerospace engineers, advanced materials researchers, nuclear specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, just to name a small selection.


For many academics, scientists, engineers and researchers, the EB-1B pathway is more attainable than the high-wire bar set for EB-1A. One thing to keep in mind here is that an applicant will need be sponsored by an appropriate institution for this consideration: a star academic, for example, would need to secure the official approval and support of their parent institution in order to be successfully considered. 


But what about high-impact success-stories that don’t have an institution to sponsor them? Or those cases where a rockstar Subject Matter Expert wants to cast out into the unknown, and try their hand in the startup space? Or maybe they just want to do their own thing, and they have a killer idea to make that thing work?

EB-2 National Interest Waiver

There are countless immigrants in this country that are making huge and impactful contributions to cutting edge technologies and sciences, every day. And in that same way there are untold artists and dreamers pushing to shift the bounds of their niche fields by producing tremendous works. For these high-impact drivers of what’s next, EB-1A and EB-1B are often not viable options for any numbers of reasons: the important renegade thinker that simply does not have have time for an institution appropriate for sponsorship; the life-changing artisan dedicated to forging entirely new genres, so far off the main road that proving national recognition simply cannot be done; the brilliant engineer whose work is collaborative and highly technical who wants to work as an independent consultant for game-changing startups.


For these maverick immigrants, the EB-2 National Interest Waiver can be a powerful option when the more traditional EB-1A and EB-1B pathways prove unworkable. We include this EB-2 VISA opportunity here because we have seen so many applicants hit a brick wall with the EB-1A/EB-1B process and then throw their hands up in the mistaken belief that these advanced VISA options are simply not viable for their particular circumstance. 


By sitting down with one of our proven immigration attorneys, these applicants often find that the merits of their work does in fact provide such value to the United States that they qualify for the NIW EB-2 VISA.


This potent authorization is for anybody with a strong background in providing high-impact efforts that serve to benefit the country as a whole, and who have clear and articulated ideas about where their work will be able to take them next.


RIJAL LAW FIRM takes particular pride in helping these immigrants achieve their dreams through the NATIONAL INTEREST WAIVER petition, because the success of these aspirational achievers is also the success of us all.

EB1 VISA Track

Extraordinary Lawyers for Extraordinary Clients

Success in pursuing one of these Advanced VISA options ultimately depends on more than just an aspirants accomplishments, no matter how grand – the accolades, the publications, the endorsements, the public praise. If their body of work is not organized into a coherent, understandable petition, then their body of work won’t have the opportunity to even make a case. 


Planning and experience are key to seeing an Advanced EB VISA petition to success. Our experts at RIJAL LAW FIRM have proven over the years that they are among the most reliable professionals when it comes to connecting talented immigrants to successful VISA applications. 


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