EB1 Visa Lawyer for Outstanding Researchers and Professors

EB1 Visa Lawyer

Are you a professor who’s great at research and looking to come to the United States? Do you want to work with a visa lawyer you can trust? The EB1 visa, whether it’s the EB1A or the EB1B, is highly sought after for many reasons. An EB1 visa lawyer from our firm can help you to find the right visa for your specific needs. For many, the EB-1B is the best immigration solution. 

EB-1B Benefits 

For starters, if you have a family, your spouse and children will be eligible for green cards as well as work authorization, too. When you have an EB-1B visa, you don’t have to worry about certain concerns, such as having to get a US employer to seek labor certification from the Department of Labor. As an immigration visa classification, you’ll be able to qualify for an adjustment of status. Really, one of the main reasons that people opt for this EB1 visa is that, due to its standards, it tends to be more obtainable for folks like engineers, scientists, professors, and so forth. 

How to Qualify 

You need to be able to demonstrate that you have real achievements, that you have national or even international acclaim in your field. There are multiple forms of evidence of this required. We very well may be able to help you to put together a case utilizing those. Plus, you’re going to have to demonstrate that you are a great researcher/professor as well. That means that you need to have received some major awards for outstanding achievements and/or authored scholarly books/articles, and others. We can work with you to put together the best documentation for your case. 

The Right Immigration Choice 

We’re often asked what the difference between this and the EB-1A is. Obviously, the level of qualification is a big part of it, but one of the more overlooked differences is that with the EB-1B, you need to have at least three years of experience. No matter how good you are, you need to have a few years in. On top of that, this visa application essentially requires a clearly-defined purpose. As with the other facets of this visa, we can work with you to figure out the best course moving forward. 

EB1 Visa Lawyer

An EB1 Visa Lawyer for a Streamlined Process 

The EB1 visa very well could be the right choice for your immigration needs. But, it’s far from all that we can help with. Indeed, when you reach out to us, we can help you to determine which category is most appropriate for your circumstances. Drawing upon our experience, we can help you to avoid the delay that is far too common with immigration so that you can continue on your journey. For a free consultation with our experts, call (855) 997-4525.

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