Consult with a Provisional Waiver Attorney Before Leaving the Country

Provisional Waiver Attorney

There are a wide variety of tools available to immigrants in the United States that help makes their paperwork and processes easier. For example, there are waivers intended to help immigrants leave and re-enter the country in the midst of their applications. Our provisional waiver attorney can help you request these waivers if you need them.

How do Provisional Waivers Work?

In immigration law, a provisional waiver allows the foreign spouse of a US citizen to leave and re-enter the country without first receiving citizenship or permanent residence from them. These waivers prevent individuals who have a right to remain in the United States from being detained for prior cause or because of their nationality under new or unexpected travel restrictions. A lot of people might leave the country to receive approval in their country of origin and then be denied entry back to the United States or end up having to wait there for years for the process to be approved. A provisional waiver allows you to avoid this when you travel abroad.

Don’t Risk Leaving the Country

Here at Rijal Law Firm, our provisional waiver attorney recommends not taking the risk of leaving the country without first processing such a provisional waiver. Doing this could end up not only delaying the overall immigration process, but also trapping you in your home country with no chance of re-entering the United States for a long time. An immigration attorney can help you obtain permission to avoid this before you have to risk leaving the country without knowing if you will be able to re-enter. With the necessary legal help, you won’t have to worry about that while you’re abroad. Leave, re-enter calmly with a waiver, and avoid putting your immigration status at risk.

Protect yourself with a Provisional Waiver

The best way to protect your immigration status, your return to the United States, and yourself is going to be through a provisional waiver that can guarantee your entry into the country when you return from abroad. With the I-601 waiver, you can avoid any abuse by consulate officials and thus be able to wait for your process within the United States. Not all individuals will be eligible for this process, as there are certain circumstances that create a conflict with the government. To be sure, you can request a consultation with a provisional waiver attorney and review your immigration status.

Provisional Waiver Attorney

Contact a Provisional Waiver Attorney

Immigration is a very complex field, and each different process will come with its own nuances, requirements, and procedures to follow. Because of this, it’s important that you don’t handle these cases by yourself. Instead, look for a provisional waiver attorney so that you’re able to give your application its best shot. For more information, reach out to our team here at Rijal Law Firm emailing us at, or by sending us a message through our website. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can to help you.

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