A Guide on Family-based Green Card Adjustment of Status

family-based green card adjustment of status

Are you within the United States and want to apply for a green card? If so, we can help. This process is called “AOS,” or “Adjustment of Status.” Should you utilize this, you will be permitted to stay here in America during the application process even should your visa expires before you’re approved. As you might imagine, this process can be complicated indeed. Here at the Rijal Law Firm, we’ve helped so many navigate the entire family-based green card adjustment of status process successfully and can now put that experience to work for you. 

family-based green card adjustment of status

Who Can Apply 

To apply for the Family-Based card, you can do so as the parent, the spouse, the child, or some other close relative of a green card holder or American citizen. A strong majority of applications are in lawful status at the moment when they first apply for Adjustment of Status, despite the fact that their visa may expire before the completion of the process. Additionally, you must have used either the Visa Waiver Program or a valid visa for your most recent United States entry. 

The First Few Steps of the Process 

First off, you must be eligible for a green card. Once you’ve determined that, your sponsor has to file the I-130 petition form for you. The next step is for the USCIS to grant that and unfortunately, this process can take anywhere from a number of months to a year. Then, after the USCIS does grant your petition, it becomes time to check for visa availability should you have to wait for a visa. If you do have to go through them, you have to file your adjustment of status application (Form I-485). We can help through every step of the process, doing everything in our power to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

After Receiving an I-485 Form

Once that’s come to you, the USCIS will reach out to you with the date, time, and location for your “biometrics appointment,” where they’ll take your fingerprints as well as your eye scan. From there, you may be required to do an in-person interview that will be under oath. There could be a follow-up interview as well. Then, after all that, you will receive a decision as to whether or not your application was granted. 

Help With a Family-Based Green Card Adjustment of Status and More 

Unfortunately, for most, this process is not a short one. Should your spouse be a citizen, for example, the process can take around a year, whereas if your spouse is a green card holder, it can take thirty months or more. We know how difficult it can be to navigate this entire process. We’re here to help. From the very beginning through to the end, we can be by your side throughout every step. Whether you need help with the initial forms, the final steps, or anything in between, we can help. For a consultation, you can reach us at (855) 997-4525.

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